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Swanbourne House and Broughton Manor any info please?

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northernlite Mon 14-Mar-16 12:45:20

Hi we are looking to move to Woburn area for DH's work and our DD will be needing a prep school. Like the look of Swanbourne House and keen to look at Broughton Manor. If anyone has any information on either it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

bojorojo Mon 14-Mar-16 15:12:41

They are different in ethos. Broughton Manor is very much preparation for the Bucks 11 plus and makes this clear on their web site. Children only go up to 11 at the school. Swanbourne House goes up to 13 and is a proper prep school with boarders. They prepare for common entrance although no doubt some leave for Bucks Grammar Schools at 11. Therefore, I think if you want an independent senior school you are better off being at Swanbourne House. You could check their destinations. If you intend to move at 11, then Broughton Manor will be closer to your home.

northernlite Mon 14-Mar-16 15:56:17

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply bojorojo, that is really the sort of information I was after. Would love to hear from anyone with children attending either.

selly24 Tue 15-Mar-16 01:12:20

We visited Swanbourne House recently. In depth meeting with head. Liked him very much. Pastoral care: seemed like they take a bespoke approach with each child- refreshing.
Great balance of work, play, interesting activities, usual sports, house competitions with something for everyone to have a go at! Sensible pattern of the day and even day pupils can stay for supper/prep at no extra cost. Terrific for working parents.

Newer buildings very pleasant but some rather shabby, small art/dt.

Lots of pupils headed to Stowe.

Children happy and normal. We winced slightly at the very formal interactions between head and older pupils eg 'Yes Sir' I have chosen Physics Sir ' incredibly polite but slightly stiff... (totally personal response)

Boarding accommodation ok but could be improved. Mix of boarding types would concern me if looking for full boarding. Small percentage seem to be full. Fri nights most popular with flexi boarders (as Sat am school ! )

Only saw the prep, not pre prep.

Feel free to PM if further questions!

northernlite Tue 15-Mar-16 10:01:38

Thank you very much Selly - Hoping to go and look round soon. Will PM you. Appreciate you making the time to share your findings.

adano Tue 12-Apr-16 07:45:13


My daughter currently attends Broughton Manor Prep but she is leaving at the end of the term for either The Grove Independent or Swanbourne.

I visited Swanbourne house last year and I totally agree Selly24 said. It is lovely school with huge outdoor space.

We have been at Broughton Manor for the last 4years. I think the standard at the school is slipping.School is not child focussed. Which why we are leaving.Send me a PM and I will give you more details.

IDSneighbour Wed 13-Apr-16 16:16:31

Swanbourne House have an open morning on Saturday if you are interested.

It's a great school, imo.

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