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Wrong Question put in Standard Grade Geography Exam!!

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Toothache Tue 25-May-04 08:30:27

Hi all,

My friend is a Geography Teacher in a Scottish High School and she noticed an error in the Credit Standard Grade Exam paper.

There was a question thrown in that wasn't taught as part of the S Grade curriculum. It was supposed to be an Intermediate 2 question!

Any Teachers out there that noticed this too? It was worth nearly 10% of the final grade. She is writing to the education authority (can't remember the name) regarding this and she just wondered if anyone else was doing that? She wants the question discounted from the marking.

My brother sat the exam last week and remembers the question. He said it seemed a bit strange as he couldn't remember being taught it, but just thought it was to be answered with common sense. However, that is not the case. It was a question about Marine Pollution and policies that could be put in place to reduce further pollution. It was very specific.

How unfair is that? I hope all the schools have noticed it and taken some action!

Just wanted to bring that to your attention.

Hulababy Tue 25-May-04 08:51:59

Sounds terrible. I know these things have happened in the past. I don't teach in Scotland so have no experienxce of this one, sorry. But she does need to write and highlight the problem. Can she not get in touch with other schools nearby and see what they are doing?

suedonim Tue 25-May-04 13:40:33

I think a similar thing happened last year in a Standard Grade, Toothache. We wondered why dd1 got a surprisingly high grade and it was because a mistake had been made in the paper and all results had to be readjusted - which happened to be in dd's favour.

Toothache Tue 25-May-04 14:15:12


Thanks hulababy and suedomin. I think she is contacting the schools nearby.

Any Scottish Teachers noticed this too?

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