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South west London Preps (Donhead & Rokeby)

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whatty Sat 05-Mar-16 19:30:12

Hi all. We've just received offers from Donhead and Rokeby for our son for September 2017. We are struggling to decide which is best- does anyone have any experience or views (ignoring cost & location) on these two schools? many thanks.

jeanne16 Sun 06-Mar-16 09:47:52

My son went to Rokeby but I looked very seriously at Donhead. I was very tempted with Donhead. I loved the school, was impressed by the Head and loved the lower fees even more. However my DH was uneasy about the Jesuit aspect of the school (mainly because he is a lapsed Catholic). My view is if that doesn't bother you, I would seriously consider Donhead.

The other aspect that influenced us at the time was whether to choose a school that went to 11 or 13. When we were choosing, it seemed more sensible to choose a school going to 13. However that has all changed with more indie secondaries taking more boys at 11 so I think that has now changed in favour of schools going to 11.

Anyway good luck. I don't think you can go far wrong with either. We were happy with Rokeby.

whatty Sun 06-Mar-16 11:39:47

Thanks for your comment Jeanne16- it's really helpful!

msupa Tue 13-Dec-16 14:55:20

Both my sons are at Donhead and we love it. A wonderful school. I was also concerned about it finishing at 11, but as jeanne16 said most school now get their main intake at 11, so that's not a problem anymore.
I am an atheist, but not bothered by the Jesuit ethos. As far as I can see it heavily focuses on being kind to the others, which is a great thing.

SAHDthatsall Wed 14-Dec-16 13:51:15

I suppose you have to think about the long term plan at 11 or 13 (or maybe that's not realistically possible) and whether you would be targeting one of those schools that only has an intake at 13+? I guess this is still possible to achieve with a school finishing a 11, but you'd have to find another prep for those remaining 2 years. At a school that does go through to 13 you have the choice of moving on at 11 or 13.

Wimbles101 Wed 08-Feb-17 12:18:34

Sorry, just to add to this thread - a school going to 13 is unlikely to prepare for 11plus exit - I don't know about Rokeby but that's certainly the case at Homefield.

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