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How do you find your children's sex ed?

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writingstudent Sat 27-Feb-16 13:04:43

My name is Jessica and I am student writing an article about sex education and the Internet for assessment.

So, I want to know the opinions of mums (and dads) about their children's current sex education. And whether or not they would like to see the Internet and digital media incorporated into sex education.

If you're interested, please comment below or PM me.

Thanks for your time smile

HereIAm20 Sat 27-Feb-16 19:13:28

I think the internet etc are included through PSHE lessons and the dangers etc and laws regarding distributing images of children etc> It might be easier if you set up a survey to ask specific questions.

Myredcardigan Sat 27-Feb-16 20:17:58

I think the primary school sex ed is very good. Health and body awareness including periods in Y5 and proper sex ed in Y6 with lots of emphasis on loving consensual relationships.
I think it can be patchy at best and sometimes woeful at secondary.

I would like see more emphasis on sex ed for the 14-16yr age group. When they know, or think the know, all about sex. I'd like this to include education of how unreal many of the images they come across are. To include airbrushing. Also lots and lots of education about porn. Young boys need to not expect their 15/16/17yr old girlfriends to look a certain way. To have zero pubic hair and be 'gagging for it' including anal sex. Young girls need to know that healthy young female bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes and all are good. That their 34a boobs are just fine. Likewise their 36c ones. That a slight fold in their tummy when they bend over in absolutely normal. That they do not need to remove all their pubic hair. Nor do they need to consent to any sexual practices that they are uncomfortable with.

It is not uncool to refuse to take it up the arse. Both boys and girls need this hammered home. I read an article where the Dr at the family planning clinic was appalled by the numerous anal injuries she was seeing in teenage girls.

Young teenage boys literally have porn at their fingertips everywhere and anywhere. They see these images and they believe that they are what real women look like and worse, act like. They do not have the emotional maturity to see it as fantasy. This is where good sex ed comes in. Educating our young men and reassuring our young women. Of course many young men also need reassuring too. However, we currently have a massive gulf like chasm between the fantasy world that our youngsters are bombarded with and the reality of sex and a respectful, and real relationship.

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