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teaching resident

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Tonytiger Fri 26-Feb-16 00:13:15

Hi, Can anyone please tell me if a teaching resident is a qualified teacher ??

PurpleDaisies Fri 26-Feb-16 00:22:42

Never heard of it.

PurpleDaisies Fri 26-Feb-16 00:23:09

Oops. Posted too soon. There a teaching resident in your child's school?

happygardening Fri 26-Feb-16 05:00:05

I know at some boarding schools they'll have "gap year" resident tutor these are usually men or women in their early 20's who live in a boarding house, they've recently completed a degrees (often from a very good university) and they are perhaps thinking of a career in teaching so work in the school for a year (paid). All the ones I know of don't actually teach lessons per se but might help run say "clinics" for certain subjects related to their degrees, assist with prep in general and life in the boarding house/school. They are often very competent successful sportsman/women and may coach their sport.
It works well for both the school and the gap year tutor they are employed on a lower wage than a teacher but make a significant contribution to school life and the person themselves gets free accommodation food etc and at the same time can see if teaching is a career they're interested in.
I'm sure there are variations on this idea.

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