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Antibullying clubs

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walnuttree Sun 23-May-04 20:55:18

Has anyone had experience of these? I saw a documentary where children sorted out their own problems by bringing both sides together (with back-up from the staff). I did some research and gave examples used in another school to my daughter's school. Am aware of how much teachers have to do so would love to volunteer to help with club and be the adult present. Would this be acceptable or would people think objectivity impossible because I am a parent. Any views or experiences ?

eemie Tue 25-May-04 19:00:55

I remember reading some research about 11 or 12 years ago about a project that reduced bullying in Norwegian schools by about 50%. It definitely included some community involvement, bullies and bullied children being brought together with parents, other children and staff representatives. Could this be related?

Flip Tue 25-May-04 19:07:11

Walnuttree, have a look at my sisters website, here . She goes into schools and does that sort of thing. Every school in the Bolton area has had a visit from the organisation and they're a charity. There's some fact sheets on the website but if you need anymore help let me know. My sis is off work this week so I'll be able to speak to her but I'm sure her second in command will be happy to answer any questions if you give them a call.

walnuttree Tue 25-May-04 20:03:15

Flip - thanks very much. Does your sister know how I could train in mediation in schools ? I live in Hampshire, which is quite a way from Bolton ! Everything I have looked into seems to cost £1,000s. I'd like to see a branch of a schools' mediation service in every town, where volunteers etc could help out in each other's schools. I'm sure children are wasting a lot of energy and happiness on being the bullies or the bullied. The culture seems to be heading that way, younger and younger.

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