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St Edwards Oxford

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FrenchmominLondon Mon 22-Feb-16 10:32:50

We are considering this school for our son,he is very bright loves music and drama..Not sporty but plays at prep school so used to having to play,but loves fencing.He would be a full boarder as we are not. close enough.Would love to hear from current or recent parents at the school.

happygardening Mon 22-Feb-16 13:37:27

There's no fencing at St Edwards, don't know how important this is for your DS.
The children get a choice of sports for each term it's not a massive choice but they can choose not to do rugby for example.
IMO it's a happy caring school offering a variety of extra curricular activities; music drams and sport.

FrenchmominLondon Mon 22-Feb-16 14:05:42

Do you know the school well?He would play rugby if he really had to though I'm not sure a school would ever want him on their team.He is very bright but I'm not sure he will ever be Winchester or Eton as he is a dreamer and doesn't focus as much as he should,he gets very high CAT scores,loves reading.Great at maths and although not doing long seems very good at Latin.Really should be up to Winchester and probably would suit his personality but we are just not sure he has the consistent drive necessary which is a shame really.So we want to find him somewhere that's not too macho and he will thrive.He is a lovely boy and really interested in what going on in the world,has very stong opinions.He is nine so in year 5.I know no school is perfect it just trying to get one that will suit him well.

Jerm123 Mon 22-Feb-16 15:24:05

Hi, St Edwards is great (my nephew goes there) as is Winchester (my son went there) so why not apply for several schools.
It is often odd who gets accepted to which school and I have given up trying to predict who will get in where. My son and nephew are very similar accademically, but my son is more into music, art and literature and my nephew more a scientist.
Lots of DS's friends are dreamy, but all the boys worked together to get great results - the more organised in the house made sure study groups were attended and nobody wanted to let their mates down by not preparing.
St Edwards doesn't seem to have this group study ethos and the boys are more competitive against each other, rather than themselves.

I live near Winchester and my brother near Oxford. Either boy would have been happy at either school at 13, but now believes theirs is the best smile

I would suggest you put him down for 2-3 schools and then choose from the offers.

happygardening Mon 22-Feb-16 15:29:29

OP I've PMd you.

FrenchmominLondon Mon 22-Feb-16 16:48:32

I have PMd you

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