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so what mobile phone for secondary?

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PersonalParadox Wed 17-Feb-16 18:52:29

Hi im in a quandry of what mobile phone to get DS for when he srarts secondary school.

Torn between boringly practical (as he is bound to lose it) so high end PAYG phone of around £100 or get him onto contact and insure it?

He said he would rather quite like an iphone but i am struggling with the extragavance of it.

Clearly the cool factor is key to him grin but with so many to choose from i am totally flummoxed.

Please share your experiences - good and bad.

ErgonomicallyUnsound Wed 17-Feb-16 19:49:13

Our DS, hideously forgetful, Y7, has DHs old iPhone 4. Apparently it's "lame" as the camera is crap, but whevs. Unbelievably he hasn't lost it yet. The PAYG thing didn't really work for us so he's on a contract now which is working better and seems better value. Out of his year group of 150, less than 5% don't have smart phones - all his friends have iPhones.

They use the phones in class - take pictures and videos in English and listen to music in Art (with earphones!).

DorothyL Wed 17-Feb-16 19:57:41

It's iphone all the way at my dd's school.

5608Carrie Wed 17-Feb-16 20:03:11

Dd has iphone 4s on a capped contract from Car Phone Warehouse. She can go £5 a month over but no more. This means she can have data.

I can manage it from my phone with "Find my phone" app and wipe it if its lost. If she manages to look after it I will give her my 5s when I upgrade.

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Wed 17-Feb-16 20:03:31

If you get a contract ee and O2 cap the data used so you can't go over without paying for extra via buying an extra data topup bundle which is handy.

Dd is in year ten and has just gone from a cheap huawei payg to an xperia z3 compact on an ee contract for £20 a month. The phone is better than my galaxy!

foragogog Thu 18-Feb-16 10:28:35

Hi, I just posted a similar thread in Secondary Education

FWIW I have got my DS an Android smartphone. iphone 6 equivalent but less than half the price. I work in technology and that is what I use (and think is better). He wanted an iphone, of course, and has an ipad. I told him he could have either an iphone 4 which is 6 year old technology or the latest Android smartphone for the same price (less in fact). Wisely, he chose Android. He is prepared for the "why haven't you got an iphone" question with the usual arguements - better/latest technology, I have a cool fingerprint reader, open OS so I can code and play any kind of file on my phone, watch anything, not just what I have to pay through the nose to download from the app store etc.

Because Android phones are much cheaper, it was more economical to buy the phone outright and then I have added an extra SIM to my mobile account with limited data for £8 per month - you can top up etc as required and I have full visibility/control of bills, functionality, parental controls etc.

However, this is all untested and I am still concerned about the age old problem of giving any kind of phone to an 11 year old and where they keep it and how to stop them losing it / it getting nicked.

Stickerrocks Thu 18-Feb-16 21:41:55

Sorry to go against the grain, but DD started with a PAYG dumb phone, gave everyone & anyone her number, lost it, then found it again. She saved up a bit of birthday money & bought herself Nokia smart phone at the start of the summer term with a new number so she could pick & choose who had it. It's good enough to take photos of her homework requirements, but not good enough for anyone to pinch. 18 months later she still looks after it because she paid for it & it only costs me £10 per month on PAYG max. I really don't think anyone needs an iPhone at school, so save your money for now and something cheap until they're much older.

bobinsky Fri 19-Feb-16 05:54:41

foragogog what phone did you get your son?

PettsWoodParadise Fri 19-Feb-16 06:43:53

My old iphone4 on a Virgin sim at £5pm which includes unlimited texts, 250 mins call and some data.

gingerdad Fri 19-Feb-16 07:16:07

My DDs have to buy their own phones. One has an old iPhone 4 the other a Sony. I pay the basic contract one on BT - unlimited texts, 1000 minutes and 2gb of data. Other similar on a Talk mobile sim.

Both about £10 a month. If they go over they pay the extra.

One in yr 10 other yr 9. Never yet had to pay extra on contracts and both look after the phones. So works for us.

I do think it's mad that anyone should need to pay more than a 10 a month for a phone. And if they want to save up for a new iPhone it's up to them.

wannabestressfree Fri 19-Feb-16 07:23:01

My boys are all with Tesco and have capped contracts and iPhones. The tracking bit has been invaluable and they are all insured.
Most children I teach have smart phones and we use them in speaking and listenings.

mudandmayhem01 Fri 19-Feb-16 07:24:11

Miicrosoft Lumia, on giff gaff, only £60, works better than my old iPhone. Costs virtually nothing as I turn the 3g off and she uses WiFi at school and home.

wonderpants Fri 19-Feb-16 07:30:04

I bought a refurb iPhone 4s (£85) and pay for a £5 bundle (no contract) on giffgaff. Moving our phones to giffgaff too as you get free calls giffgaff to giffgaff, so I know we can always call each other if the bundle runs out!

ChippyMinton Fri 19-Feb-16 07:50:46

2 have Samsung S3 mini on Talk contracts, 1 has a Sony Experia bought for about £50 on a Talk SIM only.
They can phone each other and phone home and DH for free, handy when we're out and about.

Butkin Fri 19-Feb-16 10:11:36

Bought DD an iphone6 for Christmas and has been a great success although now she's come to the end of her honeymoon period on Vodafone contract we've had to go in and decide what data tariff would be appropriate. We've settled on 2.5g as she is using between 3 and 4 but now knows to rein in her useage. Originally on 2 but she will probably go over this each month and then it becomes punitive.

Chasingsquirrels Fri 19-Feb-16 11:47:30

Old iPhone 4, yr 7 didn't have a SIM - can't really see that needed one.
Yr 8 got a SIM as I got a free small sim contract on my talktalk home package, 200 texts, mins and 400mg data (I think). Should be £3.95 but free for 12 months. He hasn't gone over yet and knows he has to pay for any excess.

TheLesserSpottedBee Sun 21-Feb-16 08:12:33

foragogog Dh is IT and we only have android too grin

Ds1 started with a Samsung Y about £50 which he then upgraded with his own money to a Motorola E. £100. He is on a giffgaff sim.

Dh and I both have Motorola G phones.

At Ds's school they are not allowed to have their phones out whilst on site nor do they have access to lockers so the whole leave your phone unattended is not covered by insurance. Yes they can be collected in for PE but we are not sure how secure that is. Hence the cheap Samsung to begin with.

eyebrowse Sun 21-Feb-16 22:36:13

I went for iphones in case they were all on facetime but it seems that most are on instagram and whats app at the moment. We got second hand ones (ebay). They are pay as you go which works well as they tend to use internet so very little expense.

MN164 Mon 22-Feb-16 07:57:58

Too many stories of students being mugged for their smartphones around here (London, we know some of them so it's not just scaremongering). You could just give them £400 cash to keep in their pocket and see how that goes for a month?

We bought a rugged £15 Alcatel candybar phone with a payg sim card from The People's Operator (cheap per minute calls). The battery charge lasts for days and days, so when they need to make a call it works. Also, no data charges as it doesn't have the internet. The 2g/3g reception is flawless so calls are fine where smartphones often have no reception. DC's friends have often exhausted their battery playing games etc and then beg to use DC's to call home!

All DC's friends have iPhones, so they are very much in the 5% (or less) minority, but it has no real effect day to day. In fact, I've seen the "look, I can drop my phone on the floor and nothing happens" conversation between DC and iPhone friends. They seemed slightly jealous.

AuntieStella Mon 22-Feb-16 08:04:18

I think your choices are to

a) get a basic brick PAYG. This is far less common than it used to be, but does still happen and so isn't yet social death. Once it has been properly looked after for a set period, you upgrade.

b) get a good smartphone (we went for contract). If your DS is set on Apple, the series 5 and 6 iPhones are OK round here.

Don't get a lesser smartphone, IYSWIM, as brick is better than the wrong one. Ask him what other handsets his mates have - there will be more variety than he's letting on!

Tia1973 Fri 04-Mar-16 12:45:12

iPhone :-)

Sistersweet Fri 04-Mar-16 14:14:14

iPhone. Mostly old models handed down from parents on sim only. iPhone 4's still around, 5's and 5S's most common and 6 very rarely

roguedad Fri 04-Mar-16 17:50:37

We ended up with an iPhone because you can pair it to an adult's one and get control over what apps are downloaded. You can also run Find My iPhone to see where he/she is - great when they take a long bus ride to school and you need to know where they are without having to interrupt vital texting to their friends.

foragogo Sat 05-Mar-16 11:09:14

I am duty bound to point out yo can do all that with an android phone like a Samsung galaxy too. I have a app on my android phone whihc has a parent one on my phone child one on his and it tells me about any apps downloaded, messaging used and allows you to disable access to any apps such as you tube, out time limits on etc.

Grikes Sun 06-Mar-16 04:39:54

We are contracted to 3 on direct debit its £12 a month unlimited data. Im not sure on talk time or SMS.. but she uses whatsapp and facetime usually. I don't think it really matters what phone you use as long as she can contact you and you can contact her.

3 are also quite good in that they give you a about 20 GB of data if your in a foreign country that uses 3.

Btw a phone is essential for a teenager.

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