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Have we ever had a single-sex v. co-educational debate?

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fisil Sat 22-May-04 19:23:41

Leaving state v. private out of it, which is better, single-sex or co-educational?

Piffleoffagus Sat 22-May-04 19:24:50

single sex.... will justify it if I need to later on...

Cam Sat 22-May-04 19:27:25

Single sex for girls; co-ed for boys

fisil Sat 22-May-04 19:28:43

That's what I think, Cam. But who sacrifices their daughters just so those boys can get an education?

fisil Sat 22-May-04 19:29:19

And yes, please do justify it Piffleofagus

expatkat Sat 22-May-04 19:30:10

I'm with Cam & fisil but would't be gutted if ds went to a boy's school and dd to a co-ed school.

jampot Sat 22-May-04 19:31:03

IMO co-ed. I think it's just as important for children to learn how to socialise with members of the opp sex and see them as equals at all ages. However, I see it as more important when those children are in secondary education. Great friendships can be established at school with members of the opp sex and I think it gives kids space to examine their feelings before jumping in (in the case of relationships).

Piffleoffagus Sat 22-May-04 19:40:40

am too high on lager to justify now...

NomDePlume Sat 22-May-04 19:40:48

Co-ed all the way for me. I went to co-ed comp and DH went to single sex private. Whilst I agree in theory that kids in same sex schools may be more able to concentrate (less hormonal distractions to deal with), I feel wholeheartedly that the school experience is sooooo much more than just an academic education. The social and emotional interaction between both sexes during the teenage years is very important, IMO.

acnebride Sat 22-May-04 19:45:08

i believe coed and that;s what i want for ds but both dp and i were at singlesex secondary so not sure if i can justify. I still don't have a single close male friend and dp doesn't have any close female friends either.

meant that when i went to uni, all i wanted to do was 'meet' men. what a great 3 yrs....

hercules Sat 22-May-04 19:50:11

Single sex for both at secondary and mixed for primary.

fisil Sat 22-May-04 19:51:44

why hercules? You teach Y6, don't you? Do your students go onto single sex schools?

Janh Sat 22-May-04 19:59:44

How about co-ed schools, but single-sex lessons in things like science, where boys tend to dominate, and English, where girls do.

They could combine for things like geog.

(Wouldn't like to try timetabling it though!)

JJ Sat 22-May-04 20:00:16

Aren't there any normal schools out there anymore? (normal being that everyone can be accepted, everyone can go and it's a decent school which doesn't have some religious affilitation). Co-ed definitely. If you don't want to exclude a race or religion in education why would you want to exclude a sex?

hercules Sat 22-May-04 20:00:22

I teach Secondary. Popsycal is Year 6.

I guess it's because I've taught in a girls school and now teach in a coed comp. I hated working in the girls grammer, it was just not my thing but I would rather my daughter go to a single-sex than mixed as I thought the girls were so unconcerned about looks etc unlike mixed schools. I thought it was really good how relaxed and at ease they were. It was the stuck up staff room and all the perfect behaviour that I couldnt hack.
My son is doing well in a mixed primary but he does like girls and I could see him being very easily distracted, showing off etc in a mixed secondary.
Our primary school feeds in to single sex as well.

JJ Sat 22-May-04 20:02:01

Yeah, Janh, that would have done me a shitload of good, where I was the best. Would have left me the best of the girls. Which were second to the boys.

hercules Sat 22-May-04 20:03:41

Our school did a trial top class where girls where taught science separately and it was a complete nightmare. The class was unteachable as the girls were far too busy gossiping and just didnt work in our school. Their results therefore did not improve but deteriorated. The boys were far more wild without the calming influence of the girls.
My school is only selective on location and is not a church school although it does get the local vicar in from time to time to pray with the kids. Completely stupid imo and I refuse to join in with the prayer and any hymns. THe kids have no choice.

hercules Sat 22-May-04 20:04:42

And my school is the best non church/private/grammer school in the borough.

JJ Sat 22-May-04 20:08:25

Did it occur to them to teach the students who excelled in science the science?

I think I'm missing something.

hercules Sat 22-May-04 20:12:01

Err they were the top students..

JJ Sat 22-May-04 20:29:54

Only girls were good enough for the top class? Impressive! I would have thought a mixed class of the top boys and girls would have gotten a better score.

hercules Sat 22-May-04 20:31:18

No jj they took the top students who were normally in a mixed class and taught them separately.

hmb Sat 22-May-04 20:41:46

In all the setted classes that I teach, from y7 to y11 (in science) the top sets are dominated by girls. And in general they are a delight to teach, keen, bright, pleasent, motivated and fun....and they boys aren't so bad either

In lower sets all children do worse, concentrate less and are generaly more disruptive.

I teach in a 'middle of the road' comp.

JJ Sat 22-May-04 20:43:25

Why did they do that? It seems like they would lose half the input. A class at that level feeds off itself. Why wouldn't they keep the kids together?

toddlerbob Sun 23-May-04 01:35:29

We don't have single sex workplaces, tv programmes, families and social why schools?

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