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Port Regis School?

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Schoolsearch2015 Wed 10-Feb-16 09:22:42

We have recently done a taster day and night at PR for our son (he would most likely go to boarding school at 11 years old, possibly 10 if he's keen to go earlier). We live overseas but are British.
We are choosing between this school and Windlesham House in Sussex.
Does anyone have any knowledge about Port Regis? We are very keen that it is not empty at weekends, that most kids stay and that it isn't just the "foreign" kids that are there at weekends. Both DH and myself full boarded and remember the weekends as being fun bonding times - obviously more important if your child is overseas. He will come home at half term and holidays and my husband is over on business so will go and see him, plus we have 2 sets of grandparents in the UK. He is sporty, average academically (although in a better school, I think he could be over average), finds social interaction a little bit of a challenge (this could just be environmental in his school I think), but I'm thinking this will change with the right environment. The pastoral care is very very important. We are not terribly interested in it being a pushy school or a feeder school into any amazing school. He is bright, he will do really well in the right environment but ultimately we want him to be happy and make friends!
So if anyone has any insight into Port Regis - good or bad,mid love to hear it. We will be making a decision most likely in the next few weeks as we will have seen both schools and done tasters at both.

NigellaIaint Thu 11-Feb-16 19:01:54

My eldest went to PR from year 3 - left 6 years ago now. They loved it and have every intention of sending their own kids (when the time comes!) there.

They were meant to weekly board but there was so much going on they stayed for the majority of weekends. Their year group was very local (most living in Dorset) and pretty much all boarded some of the week (even those with younger siblings that parents were collecting from pre prep!)

Schoolsearch2015 Sat 13-Feb-16 15:37:11

Sorry - realized my comment about "foreign" kids sounds awful. What I meant to say, was I wouldn't want him to be in the minority as far as being one of the only children who's first language is English- would want to make sure there was a good mix. I'm all for a multi cultural, international experience!

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