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Please advice needed - South Hampstead or Highgate??

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CupcakeMilly Thu 04-Feb-16 22:04:06

I didn't think we would be luckily enough to get offers for both so I know a lucky position but now totally confused. We have always been very keen on Highgate and now I am questioning whether my 7 year old daughter would be happier at SH. Academically they are on equal footing however it is where she will be most happiest and feel most confident as she grows up. My daughter loves art, music and drama. She is for sure a sensitive soul but popular amongst her friends. My thinking was that mixed is healthier, less intense especially as she grows older. However I am now thinking that at an all girls would suit her as she is not at all interested in boys and often complains about them at her current school. Logistics wise we are easy as even though we live more highgate direction it is not an issue as we have to go to Hampstead anyway to drop son. I would love to know from any current parents especially from either school with daughters what their experiences have been, are your daughters happy? how does the school deal with the usual friendship issues? We adore the grounds of Highgate and my daughter wants to go to simply as she loved all the space. I think SH also sometimes unfairly gets a bad press which is why we have always favoured Highgate, but to be honest when we visited the girls all seems pretty enthusiastic about school life there. Main question is where do you think girls would have a more positive time? (fun/dynamic/creative time?) Any thoughts be greatly appreciated.

cupcakesandwine Thu 04-Feb-16 22:51:55

I don't really know much about South Hampstead but a friend has a daughter at Highgate and she absolutely loves it. I have heard nothing but good things about Highgate. I opted for another all girls school and TBH the vibe there is so intense and bitchy that my DD will be leaving after GCSEs.

I do think that having boys around dilutes that teenage girl intensity. I know your DD is only 7 but believe me the teens are just around the corner.

CupcakeMilly Fri 05-Feb-16 17:43:33

Thank you cupcakesandwine for your message, all very good to hear. Really appreciated.

writingonthewall Sat 06-Feb-16 08:08:44

SHHS is on a very small site for the number of girls and depending on where in Hampstead you drop your son, school run traffic could mean going on to SHHS adds a lot of time.

Aussiejazz Sun 07-Feb-16 19:36:01

Had daughters at SHHS and worked at Highgate. Both great schools with distinct characters. Whichever you choose you're a winner.

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