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North Bridge House School

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Eleandtruffles Wed 03-Feb-16 13:05:09

I am so horrified by what NBH are allowing the Fund Cognita to do to this once lovely school. Everything is about money about the bottom line for them. Our fees are more than most with NO faciliites to speak of. The cram too many children into a junior school and our classroom is basically an office. IT is dreadful and should not be allowed for a classroom . It is basically a way of getting 14 extra sets of fees. The sport is non existent. They charge for everything and anything. The kids had no music teacher as they were trying to save money. They have no party at end of term, because there was nowhere to dance.!"!!

Too many children in a cramp, run down building. The teaching is dumbed down and I am so unhappy. Now they have a senior school which will be their other money making school and I believer the Prep School will be encouraging kids to stay on at NBH . Cognita will be rubbing their hands.

MN164 Thu 04-Feb-16 08:01:21

No direct experience, but the new senior school site seems very small for the number of pupils they expect to teach there.

I suspect your view of their motives is spot on.

I wonder how the teachers feel about everything?

Is NBH a place that a good teacher looking to move to London would choose?

MaxRobespierre Sun 27-Mar-16 11:46:03

I fully agree with you. Our children attended NBH for a number of years, and frankly it was a very disappointing experience.

1. The quality of teaching fluctuates from teacher to teacher (logical) but a) there are many more downs than ups & b) the school does nothing to address these.
2. Facilities are poor, with hardly any investment.
3. No Sports strategy & facilities: Regent's Park might be 300 yrds away & NBH might claim to make use of it, but NBH is bottom of the league (humbling beatings) in pretty much any sports activity vs their peer school. That's the measure of things.

I also fully agree with you on the reasons. Cognita is more focused on profits for owners than on children's education. Below 2011 article on another Cognita school reflects 100% our views on 2016 NBH.

Davros Wed 30-Mar-16 21:47:05

We are happy with the senior school. Probably got out of the prep at a good time 2 years ago

rplin Thu 10-Nov-16 08:36:02


we are considering going to the senior school. Could you please tell a little bit more about it?

rplin Thu 10-Nov-16 08:40:25

we are considering going to the senior school. Could you please tell a little bit more about

Siennaxo1 Mon 06-Mar-17 20:00:39

Hey, although this is a bit old I was wandering if anyone has any up to date info on Northbridge house in Hampstead? Seriously considering sending my DD here in September. I wasn't very excited by it when I saw it but need a school that isn't academically selective.
Any info would be great!

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