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4+ West London decision time - Glendower?

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CupcakesAndFizz Wed 03-Feb-16 09:59:21

How does one choose between Glendower and Notting Hill Prep? Friday noon is deadline for accepting assessed places and I was hoping there might be a mum out there who's faced the same decision or has a child at these schools? How did you decide?

Choice is between Glendower (seems great academically and small class size, but a bit formal/pressured? Are the mum's tiger-mums??) vs Notting Hill Prep (co-Ed, non assessed but children seem more well rounded, less competitive, happier? Awesome head, I thought). We originally thought we wanted single sex. Both same distance from us.

Would I be nuts to turn down Glendower? I have 2 girls and a boy all under 5, so would I be nuts to NOT go with NHP because it'd make life easier for them all to go to the same place? Is communising 2 to 3 locations for schools going to break us as a family?? Is it worth it if DD is clever and might thrive in a school that stretches her? Any advice from mum's in the know hugely appreciated!

DD was also offered Queens Gate and it's lovely but felt a bit too art/humanities strong compared to science/sports/music for us.

MissGintyMarlow Wed 03-Feb-16 11:39:06

It would make your life much easier to have everyone in the same place so I'd def go for NHP, esp as you liked it so much.

seasaltcaramel Wed 03-Feb-16 13:33:52

Agree with Ginty - logistics when DC are young matter and there is something very nice about all your DC going to the same school, not to mention having the same holidays!

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