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QEGS Blackburn

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DownWithTitchenor Tue 02-Feb-16 20:15:06

Does anyone have any recent experience of QEGS Blackburn please? Since it went from independent free school.

We have applied for a place for DS for year 7 and if successful (something of a long shot) will have to make a fairly speedy decision between QEGS, Westholme and another NW Independent School.

While the prospect of saving a significant amount of money is desirable I don't want to send DS if standards have dropped significantly.

Any advice would be appreciated - thank you.

bobinsky Wed 03-Feb-16 20:16:53

From what I've heard from a couple of mothers locally, standards are being kept high. Sporting fixtures are still being played against the same independant school leagues and academic subjects are being taught in a traditional way. The former kids of our local primary seem happy.

DownWithTitchenor Fri 26-Feb-16 17:35:38

Thank you Bobinsky - Sorry it has taken me so long to get back here.

Only a few days to go now and I am still unsure what I am going to do if we get a QEGS place!

bobinsky Sat 27-Feb-16 08:01:54

No problem, everyone seems on tenterhooks - not long now! It'll be easier to make the decision when you know the options - and you can always ask for a private tour of the school when it's in session. We did that and it really helped clarify (for my child!) which school fitted best.

DownWithTitchenor Sat 27-Feb-16 09:36:42

DH had a tour a few weeks and was really impressed - I've only had a quick look around on an open day.

DS has two offers from others schools and I have no idea which of those to pick if we don't get QEGS. Not even sure if QEGS is the right school if we do get a place! I have less than a week to make a decision - I really didn't expect to be so stressed over this!

bobinsky Sat 27-Feb-16 13:22:03

Does DS have a preference? If you're out of area you'll stand a better chance at QEGS, Tuesday is just round the corner!

DownWithTitchenor Sat 27-Feb-16 16:48:32

Not really, or so he says. He understands that it is a massive financial commitment and says that he isn't bothered; I do think that the QEGS marketing team have done a great job and that would be his preference if he was being honest.

He's at a private prep now - most, if not all will be staying in the private sector and although that isn't a reason for us to do the same we will probably be the talk of the playground - DS will probably be the only one to go - if he gets a place.

DH is absolutely convinced that we should take QEGS if offered - I still have some reservations as QEGS has to prove itself as a state school.

As you can see still going round in circles...

bobinsky Sat 27-Feb-16 20:23:08

So I see, it really isn't an easy junction in life, is it! My son and I were both super impressed with Qegs when we looked round, the teachers were engaging and seemed boosted by the big influx and interest in the school since switching. I think it will do well. We know 4 families with kids there and they all seem happy with the way things are going. Who knows a few years down the road, but I think that's a risk with any school.
My eldest sat the 11+ and passed, so we know where he will be in September, and friends of his are heading to Westholme. The others we will find out in Tuesday! There are a lot of excellent schools around here, each of which have a really good specialty. Qegs are really good for sport, Westholme for music and drama. But all seem to get the results at gcse and A level too.

DownWithTitchenor Mon 29-Feb-16 12:23:23

One day to go and no nearer to making a decison - thank you for your info though, it will certainly help!

bobinsky Tue 01-Mar-16 04:37:56

How the online allocation has helped with your decision making!

DownWithTitchenor Tue 01-Mar-16 10:11:50

We didn't get QEGS - we now have two independents to choose from this week! I like them both so DS will be able to have some input...

bobinsky Tue 01-Mar-16 12:15:44

Ah, shame. Two out of area and one in catchment kids I know didn't get offered either. Good luck with your decision, gut feeling always seems to work well for me!

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