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Hampshire independents: Daneshill v St Neots v Sherfield School

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Toffeetime Mon 01-Feb-16 04:51:21

Hi. Can anyone please tell me anything about these Hampshire independent schools: Daneshill, St Neots & Sherfield School? Are children who go there happy and engaged, is communication with parents good, are there any issues with bullying, what are the good and bad points? We are relocating and plan to move my kids from their current school - they are currently in Reception (g) and Y5 (b). Thank you.

Tilly16 Sun 28-Feb-16 13:05:35

Sherfield is interesting in that it is run by a bigger organisation - this means lots of resources and well equipped, worth a look round. St Neots has just had a new headmistress and recruiting a new deputy for September, so need to check out how the new leadership is working with a look round. Daneshill has mixed reputation due to unstable leadership and less resources, but has some good teaching.

Bluebonnets12 Thu 10-Mar-16 11:36:53

We were new to Sherfield this year and the school have been really welcoming. My two have really enjoyed this school year and they have thrived here. All the teachers have been fantastic and they have done wonders for both my children. Added to that, Tilly16 is right, it is well funded. It isn't, by any means, perfect and, in particular, communication is not what it could be but it is improving. What I do like is that it is co-ed, goes from nursery all the way up to 6th Form and if we continue to be happy, we don't actually need to look elsewhere. I can't really say what St Neots or Daneshill are like as they didn't have what I was looking for when I moved back here.

Rosesanddaffodils Sat 10-Sep-16 10:18:43

Our children are new starts at St Neots so thought I'd post our experience so far. Although the school itself has a nice feel, beautiful grounds and seems to be good academically, the communication to parents could be far better.

As for the parents, ever seen Keeping Up Appearances? 90% of the mums are clones of Hyacinth. It is very clicky (and bitchy from what I have overheard!) but generally they are not the type of person I'd wish to socialise with anyway. It depends whether the social side of school as a parent is important to you?

Mainlywingingit Tue 13-Jun-17 10:50:18

Reply to Rosesanddaffodils. It's actually
You that sounds sadly judgemental about the parents at St Neots.

It's a really friendly and inclusive school and that is reflected in the parents I think and from what I've seen (my son goes there).

It has 70 acres and the outdoor learning (The Hive classroom) is second to none. It is not a pushy parent school it is about children enjoying learning. A new sports centre and swimming pool has opened which is excellent.

My sisters child goes there too and she is really happy with what she thinks is a friendly year.

Mrs Bouquet/Bucket is not a fair thing to say. Maybe Roses you could get to know people a little better and it may change your point of view? We love it there.

CatchIt Fri 07-Jul-17 11:05:35

Rosesanddaffodils I have no idea what you mean?! My dd started in Sept and I've made amazing friends. I think you might have it confused with Daneshill...? hmm

PumpkinSpiceEverything Mon 10-Jul-17 10:56:04

If you have girls, I do believe St Neots is a feeder school for Farnborough Hill, so something to keep in mind

Mulledwine1 Tue 18-Jul-17 11:00:47

Yateley Manor is in the area too, I don't know what it's like though.

Farnborough Hill is a private grammar school so starts at 11, though they might have 13+ entry too.

One other school you might want to look at locally is the Grey House but that's a private primary, not a prep, so finishes at 11.

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