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Channing school interview invitation last week?

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Shugi123 Fri 29-Jan-16 20:11:10

After DD was sitting the north London consortium group 2 exam, we received an email from Channing inviting her to the interview, happily assuming she qualified.

But the email started with an odd introduction, telling that the school always offers an interview to applicants who have connections with the school (sisters that are there or parents as previous pupils etc.)
It's strange because we have nothing to do with this school whatsoever (but we want to next year;). She attended the interview of course and felt good.

I'm getting very tensed now thinking it was all an administrative mistake and she wasn't invited because she really passed their threshold.)

I'm anyway histerical from all this 11+ roller coaster, because we're totally out of the British system and coming from another country (as you could already feel reading my English), moving only in few months.

We started this crazy race only in November (only then we knew we're relocating to London), downloaded all exams samples, knowing so little about how it really works (everyday i'm just learning more and more, unfortunately the procedure now finished, just when I feel I'm much more wisesmile)

DD was practicing only with us during the Xmas vacation in a pastoral island in Thailand, really nothing to compare or compete with the majority of attendants, I guess, and their preparation.

We tried only few schools, our selection was quite humble and not pretentious being aware of her chances (a foreigner with 2 different mother tongues other than English, but very good English from an only English speaking school, only okaish in math, but DH managed to close some gaps there etc.)

My bottom line, could it be really a very sad mistake inviting her for an interview not from the right reason? The other 3 schools she attended their interviews, were anyway pre-arranged and not connected to the exam results (FHS sw1 for example.)

I really need here some relaxing thoughts, though of course I will accept the harsh reality...

Shugi123 Fri 29-Jan-16 20:22:30

Sorry for all the typos and the question mark I accidentally hit on the topic hmm

ASingleJourney Fri 29-Jan-16 23:32:15

Channing is a really nice school with a friendly staff. They used to interview all applicants because they didn't want to rely only on exam results to select pupils; the school's increasing popularity compelled it to introduce a filter several years ago but I believe they try to interview as many applicants as they can fit in.

Anyway, I think it may be helpful to point out to Channing the error in their e-mail - that way, your conscience will be clear and worries resolved (they will also appreciate your honesty). Given their philosophy on interviewing, it probably will not affect your DD's application; if it does, it probably means that they don't think your DD will do well at the school (which you would want to know now rather than find out later).

Shugi123 Sat 30-Jan-16 10:23:01

Thank you for your respond, ASingleJourney.

I'll call the school on Monday, it really bothers me, but still I'm hoping to hear from others who've received the interview email, and to know how was it phrased.

Assuming it was some technical mistake, I'm sure that at the end of the process (I.e. deciding who'll get an offer), they don't just say to themselves: well, she seemed like a lovely and intelligent young girl in the interview, her name was in the blue cards pile and not the green, probably her great grandma was a pupil here, didn't she? So in spite of her unsatisfying results in the exams - let's take her! wink

I have few different speculations; maybe it's a sort of disclosure that preceded every email? (Wishful thinking), Maybe it's a technical error which occurred just during the stage of sending mass emails, having 2 templates letters: one for families of previous students and the other for those who reached the grade threshold of the exams, and we were added by mistake to the wrong template (not because someone really imagined she does have past connections with the school).

Well, I'd be happy if someone can share with me what their email (letter?) invitation was like, did they mention explicitly that your DD passed the tests etc.?

ASingleJourney Sat 30-Jan-16 11:34:03

Shugi123: I dug up my DD's interview invitation from last year in case no one from this year responds.

The Channing invitation e-mail started with the following:

"Dear Mr xxx & Ms xxx

We have now finished marking the entrance examination and we are pleased to invite XXX to attend an interview on:


As you may be aware, our interview format has changed for 11+ entry in September 2015.

Your daughter will have an individual interview with a senior member of staff for approximately 15 minutes.

Please note there is no need to bring anything to the interview nor is there any preparation needed.

Following the individual interview, your daughter will meet Mrs Elliott, the Headmistress, with two other girls for approximately ten minutes.

Your daughter's interview should take no longer than 30 minutes.


Hope that helps.

Shugi123 Sat 30-Jan-16 15:28:19

ASIngleJourney, thanks a lot for the effort.
Now I'll have to hear what the school says about it.

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