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Recruitment fairs for international schools

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BoboChic Sat 23-Jan-16 17:29:48

Can anyone tell me the dates for these? Are they already over for this year?

BoboChic Sat 23-Jan-16 17:32:57

For teacher recruitment (obvious, I hope, but I should have stated it).

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sat 23-Jan-16 17:48:53

My kids are at an international school in the USA and the headmaster and deputy were in the uk last week recruiting for the next academic year.....

BoboChic Sat 23-Jan-16 17:49:59

Yes, that's what I thought - that the recruitment season is in January for September.

marcopront Tue 26-Jan-16 05:05:28

I think the Search Associates fair in London was this weekend. CIS is either just before or just afterwards. There will be a Search one in the US next weekend I think. And there will be ones in other places in the next few weeks.

BoboChic Tue 26-Jan-16 08:19:29


marcopront Tue 26-Jan-16 09:31:41

Recruitment season starts as early as November and goes on till as late as June. The peak is January to March though.
Once I saw a job advertised in July, had an interview, accepted the job, shipped everything back to the UK and then on to where and was moving, spent a short time in the UK and then went to the new job. I think it was five weeks from seeing the advert to starting.

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