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Moving to Burns Avenue - Blackfen - Sidcup!

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bosocnhi Mon 18-Jan-16 10:18:01

Hi all,

Nice to meet you!

We are a young couple with a boy, living in Clapham Junction. We are both working in Center London.

We are planning to move to Sidcup because my DS needs more spaces so we can not afford to buy a property in Clapham Junciont. Also, the schools in Sidcup are good for my DS.

We are looking for a house in Burns Avenue in Blackfen! We have checked the schools around Burns Avenue, they are quite good. We quite like it.

Then, we have read several articles about Blackfen in our forum. Someone said it is good, some one said it is bad. Of course, there are always bad and good areas in anywhere. Also it is said that there were a severe flooding in Burns Avenue in 2004. Therefore, it makes us confusing really.

Because we dont have any friends, colleagues who are living in Sidcup therefore we have no idea about North of Sidcup, especially Blackfen.

Please could you let us know anything about that area? Should we move to that area? Is it safe to live there?

Thank you so much.

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