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Seaford college

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grendeltimesthree Sun 10-Jan-16 10:46:07

Starting a new thread on Seaford College. Would love to hear what other parents think of the school. I have two boys there, still early days, so any hints and tips very welcome.

AndIAlwaysComeBack Tue 23-Feb-16 07:37:46

Hi Grendel, was just looking to find some information on Seaford College and your post popped up on my search! We visited the school last year with our son who did a days trial. We loved it and the facilities it had to offer, but we weren't ready to make the move from London then. We are looking to move 2017 and have three dcs to find places for. How are you finding it for your boys? Are you still happy with your choice? One of our dc has dyspraxia so that will be a deciding factor in our decisions. Hope it's going well.

chickens Thu 05-May-16 19:53:15

I am also interested in Seaford College?
Anyone got any recent experience of it? Entrance exams?
I hear it's not as selective as many independents in the area?
My DS likes sport, lots of it, that is our main criteria!

timeforsomethingnew Sun 08-May-16 22:37:43

I'm also interested in hearing any recent experience at Seaford. I went to the open day on Saturday and looks like it would suit DS.

penworth Tue 25-Apr-17 10:10:00

I know three people with children there. One mutters under xxx breath about clubs not running despite the puff on the website, one mutters about some problem teachers not being as dyslexia/spLd aware (of dc's needs) as they should be and the other raves about the school.
I can tell you that the Admissions dept. was shockingly unprofessional (and very nearly useless despite being pleasant) to a friend of mine although that friend was advised not to take too much notice of them as they don't necessarily reflect the school in general... although maybe they do in some quarters. A big black mark for a school charging around £30K a year.
The special needs coordinator, the same friend said, was very good though. Just not sure it filters its way around the school to 'all' teachers the way it should.
The challenge grade system is a good innovation and worth looking at.
There are other better schools out there that don't necessarily promote their learning needs support as a USP but are nevetheless much better imo.
My overall impression is that Seaford sits on its laurels a bit in terms of what it's known for (and given how desperate parents can get for the dcs to get support if needed). Undoubtedly, it has some great departments, DT for instance, but beyond that, it really is a case of looking through the puff and considering other schools who don't promote that side of their work but may in fact do it better.

Cwandry Sun 21-May-17 13:52:37

Don't know it personally but had a friend who had kids there and she loved it. She loved that it wasn't selective or pushy, she is NOT a pushy mum at all so it suited them.

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