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Shrewsbury High

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Saloplass Tue 05-Jan-16 17:00:57

Hi,has anyone heard anything about the high schools latest inspection report should have been published weeks ago which is worrying me and other parents.i see mr getty is still using flattering phrases from the schools old report from 2009 on his welcome page and he didn't start there till a couple of years something else being hidden,What is going on

angelnumber9 Tue 05-Jan-16 20:00:46

Thou smells a rat! The same thing happened at my friends DC,s school. Probably not a very good report so some manipulation may be taking place. As a parent you just want to see the unabridged truth about a school, if the previous report was glowing then it will be compared to the latest one which may reflect badly on the current head. I can see how he has used the previous report to his advantage on his welcome page now you mention it, sneaky and very misleading. With spin like that he should be in politics!

Saloplass Tue 05-Jan-16 21:32:39

sounds about right,school office is no help so we shall see

Saloplass Fri 08-Jan-16 17:31:30

OMG! Just seen the teachers jobs advertised on the school vacancies website,what has happened to them all.this looks serious,has any other parent been told anything?

AndreaJ1976 Wed 27-Jan-16 16:09:07

Disturbing news and not at all 'Happy New Year' for the staff concerned, very sad indeed but hardly unexpected based upon recent events. I also noticed the school is now having to compare itself to some of the less academic state schools in an effort to gain GCSE credibility. Shrewsbury, Concord and other independent peers do not really feature in the Shropshire Star results as they follow more academic courses such as Ebacc and IB. Perhaps the High School should be comparing itself to Shropshire state schools like Newport Girls High which scored 100% in their GCSE results and is of course free!
In the meantime SHS appears to be suffering an identity crisis. No longer pushing for academic rigour but instead chasing sports awards, fine if you're sporty! Someone else mentioned that the school may be looking to become an academy? I just hope SHS finds its way again, very interesting times ahead.

littleladsdad Fri 26-Feb-16 12:13:16

Inspection report is out today and confirms what those of us with children at the school already know - it is an excellent school with brilliant resources, wonderful staff and happy & motivated children.

AndreaJ1976 Mon 21-Mar-16 11:47:37

Following a delay of some months (plenty of information on mumsnet regarding ISI inspections and delays) the report from last years inspection was published on the 26th February. The school might well be happy with the report which, largely due to the efforts of the girls and their teachers, celebrates their achievements and praises attainment. Identifying some areas of concern it strangely makes no mention of the sudden fall in 2015 GCSE and A level exam results. Why inspectors only compared statistics up to 2014 is unclear, the 2015 figures were available.
To offer clarity and provide some context most school websites openly allow access to past inspection reports. The High School's previous report is no longer visible making it very difficult for anyone to draw comparisons. I also find it extraordinary that encomium quotes from that report commending the previous headmistress are to date, still forming part of the current headmasters welcome. With an absence of accolades in the latest report these appear to have been permanently hijacked, which is extremely shallow. Indeed many of the claims marketed on the welcome page relating to exams and school rankings are historic. The facts are readily available, I hope parents will take time to research beyond the school's own website.
For many the school remains under the spotlight and the 2016 exam results are crucial if confidence is to be restored. Yet more change is imminent if judged by the number of recent senior management vacancies, some may consider this necessary if things are to improve, others will eye the move sceptically but there is certainly an outcry for greater transparency. There are those who seem content with the current regime and I understand why many with a vested interest in the school would seek to defend its position. In the meantime it remains a hot topic at the school gates.

uhoh1973 Mon 21-Mar-16 11:55:00

AndreaJ1976 can I ask why you are following this so closely? Are you a parent? e-parent? ex-pupil? Just curious...

AndreaJ1976 Mon 21-Mar-16 12:19:45

uhoh1973, all of the above at one stage or another which is why I am so upset about the erosion of the school's reputation within Shropshire. It continues to lose its credibility. Things may get better but for the time being (imho) the school has lost its direction. I will say no more about it, people must decide for themselves.

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