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Any advise on which house to apply for at Winchester College

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Londonmum07 Sat 02-Jan-16 17:54:57

Wondering if anyone has advise on which house to apply for at Winchester?My son is very good at maths but enjoys all his subjects.He loves music(and singing) and drama.He is mine so we have to apply this year.

Londonmum07 Sat 02-Jan-16 18:44:15

Sorry I should have said my son is nine.

happygardening Mon 04-Jan-16 13:47:44

Londonmum have you spoken to the admissions dept at Win Coll? We did admittedly many years ago, a very helpful lady asked mr about my DS his interests etc and then recommended three HM's who we the arranged to meet, one we just didn't like the other two were very different personalities and we met both twice before deciding which one was right for us.
I wouldn't be overly worried about matching subjects to HMs most boys have broad interests and generally most are "very good" at all academic subjects, and a good HM will take an interest in everything their boys do even if they know nothing about the subject that they like. But some houses have areputation for being "more sporty" than others (it's relative) and I suspect if your DS is keen on sport and as there are quite a few inter house sports competitions it would help if your in a sporty house. When it comes to music DS's house does not have a reputation for being particularly musical but there are quite a few seriously talented musicians in it.
I may be wrong about this but it feels like think many HM's are coming to the end of their time (they generally do 10 years one is doing 15) so current parents may be sort of out of the loop about future HM's. A lot is personal choice, how you and your DS feel about the individual HM, this man will be in loco parentis for 32 weeks of the year, I think they have a massive influence on the boys, most importantly IMO when the chips are down and it's all going wrong ask yourself do you think he be there for your DS like you would be, supporting him like you would?
I personally am not in the slightest bit interested in house social events in fact I can't think of anything worse bothered about house social events, or wonderful food or single rooms from yr 11 it's the support and help that the HM gives my DS that interests me.
We chose our HM because we believed he took his responsibilities very seriously, that he would be there to support my DS through thick and thin, he's 6 months to go at Win Coll and we know now that all those years ago we made the right decision.

Londonmum07 Mon 04-Jan-16 14:07:31

Thank you for the advise I did notice many of the housemasters have been at the house for close to 10 years.Does the college expect parents to visit a few times?On the visits did the HM give any indication that he liked your son and would like you to apply for his house?I agree with you about the social events etc. We just want a HM who will be there for our son during his teenage years.When you applied for the house did you hear from the HM? Your HM seems wonderful but he is leaving in 6 months is that right.I have spoken to admissions and have two names which we will contact and take it from there.Many Thanks.

happygardening Mon 04-Jan-16 14:43:35

No my DS is leaving in 6 months not his HM.
HM's are very discrete and diplomatic on the two times we met him, once with my DS he gave no indication either way if he liked my DS or felt he would be suitable for his house at that stage they're very obviously telling you about themselves, and their ethos etc, although I did read somewhere an article by the current head and at this stage they are sizing up parents and deciding if they think they're the right parents for Winchester! A sepreate teacher who my DS and I met over lunch on our second visit commented that he thought he was a perfect candidate for Win Coll.
We filled in the registration form, chose our house and certainly never heard from our HM again until a date was sent for the interview and maybe even the school admissions office.
When we picked picked him up after his interview in yr 6 our HM's parting comment was "see you again" I was surprised was this deliberate a strong hint that he'd got a place? A slip of the tongue? Or just meaningless polite phrase he used to all parents? My DH felt is was deliberate he reasoned that he knows parents are desperately looking for clues as to how it went.
Having said this my DS was also interviewed for SPS, the teacher who interviewed us (not him) quite firmly told us DS best chance was a waiting list place but the most likely outcome was thanks but no thanks, 5 days later he was offered a place the letter stated what an outstanding candidate he was and how suitable he was for SPS! So you never know!

earsarehurting Wed 06-Jan-16 06:11:24

We followed the exact same procedure as HG stated above. Spoke at lenghth with the registrar, told him about DS and his interests, likes and dislikes, and based on this he sent us to visit a selection of houses.
I think if you feel a good connection between the HM, your DS and yourself- you stand as good a chance as any.
Consider if the HM is someone who you feel you can work in come a tricky situation (most likely the only situation where you have to).

abear Wed 06-Jan-16 06:53:48

We also had advice from the son of a friend who had recently left Winchester. We met two HMs and liked both so in the end let DS choose which we apply to. He felt more drawn to one so we went with that and having just completed his first term DS is very happy with his choice. Our HM did organise social events before DS started at the school but with the aim of the boys getting to know each other. As DS was the only boy going from his prep school, this really helped him feel familiar with the house / school, before you starting. I have also heard other parents say they considered the physical location of the house, ie close to music department or sports hall if that is where they see their DS spending lots of time.

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