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one last try... Brighton Mumsnetters, please help!

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ks Tue 07-May-02 21:15:28

Message withdrawn

ks Tue 07-May-02 21:16:33

Message withdrawn

MABS Sat 20-Jul-02 11:44:44

St Aubyns is good from what i hear, I live in Hove. My 7 yr old is a Deepdene which is excellent but only infants . Brighton College is great but pricey ! What age are yours ?

ks Sat 20-Jul-02 18:00:52

Message withdrawn

oxocube Sat 20-Jul-02 18:29:35

Good luck, ks. I'm thinking of you and your family

MABS Sat 20-Jul-02 19:32:47

KS - for what its worth here goes -

Windlesham is great , quite a 'gentle' type of school , I have several friend with kids there and they love it . Traditionally it has alwys been fairly even mix boys/girls in yrs 123 though it tends to be a bit girl heavy at the top.

If you want an old style 'Tom Brown Schooldays' VERY academic type of thing then St Christophers is the one . Its very competitive and its results are great. I know lots of people there but I have severe reservations about it . I've been round it a couple of times and, although its mixed now I don't think its right for a girl. I have to say that , though I can't speak personally, I've never heard a bad thing about Mowden except fot the cost!

State school wise - St Andrews or Aldrington in Hove are very good. Stanford is also excellent say friends. Yes, Balfour is good but no where near as good as it used to be, Downs is good. Which area are you looking to move to ? If I can help with any more specific info, or particular schools, just ask ( if I don't know i can probably find out)

One school to avoid is The Fold - don't touch it

ks Sat 20-Jul-02 20:08:22

Message withdrawn

MABS Sat 20-Jul-02 21:17:40

KS - yeah your're looking at some lovely areas house wise , one of my best friends livfes in Woodland Drive BUT it is becoming a bit of a rat run car wise in the rush hour.

Funnily enough I recently looked at The Drive - very , very odd. When we went the kids weren't wearing shoes and seemed to be wandering about at will. The Head wanted to offer my daughter a 50% scholarship , but I reckon shes just desperate for more children. When are you hoping to move, where from ? Regards MABS

ks Sat 20-Jul-02 22:54:28

Message withdrawn

MABS Sun 21-Jul-02 07:50:46

KS - not offended at all, I'm an ex London girl myself , though a while ago. It seems that no-one in Brighton was born here, they just choose to live here which must say something good about it. I can understand how nervous you feel, but there's loads going on for children down here, groups, play areas ,farms etc and on a more serious note, there's an excellent children's hospital. It looks like a dump but the staff are brilliant.

There's a very good magazine locally called ABC, all about local stuff for kids. Its printed but I think there's an online version too - or email

It would be good for you to see it I reckon, as its got lots in it, including an interesting schools section.

Anyway - ask away if I can help further.

ks Sun 21-Jul-02 10:43:47

Message withdrawn

ks Wed 31-Jul-02 19:43:14

Message withdrawn

ks Wed 31-Jul-02 19:48:15

Message withdrawn

MABS Wed 31-Jul-02 20:06:40

Deepdene is any area as its private, about same cost as Windlesham £900 ish. Its actually fairly central in Hove , not far from the seafont , don't know if there are any places though.

Personally can't comment on this next bit BUT several friends have boys at Mowden as they asked for discounts and got them ! Brighton College's buildings and grounds are fantastic - but with their fees they can probably afford it

Regards MABS

ks Wed 31-Jul-02 21:37:55

Message withdrawn

MABS Thu 19-Sep-02 22:15:11

ks - really sorry you're not here any more.

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