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Nottingham High School for girls

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Nottsmove16 Wed 30-Dec-15 20:22:52

Please could anyone help- looking for housing in Nottingham at the moment and my DD has a place at the school. Where do most pupils live? I imagine in a wide range of places. We are considering woodborough/ oxton or mapperly park. Anyone have any idea of what the school run would be like from those places? Thank you

46Winterhoneysuckle Mon 18-Jan-16 11:36:27

Girls live in most areas. The school is easy to get to, my DD goes by bus into the city and then by tram to the special school stop. She is in year 7. It would be a long way from the outer villages, but although Mapperley Park looks nice, it has something of a "reputation" now. There are lots of good areas that give easy access, and also trains the girls in independence. You don't want to be ferrying her around for ever!

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