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Godstowe Preparatory School Admissions

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TessDurbey Wed 30-Dec-15 10:24:06

Good morning and festive greetings to you all.

DD is currently aged 5 and I would very much like for her to attend Godstowe Prep. I am in the process of completing the necessary registration form and would be grateful for advice.

In an ideal world devoid of waiting lists DD would attend from Sept-2017, i.e. aged 7. Can anyone advise on such an entry route? Is it straightforward or would entry at age 3-6 offer a greater chance of success? I have tried to contact the school but not surprisingly nobody is picking up. I will try again later this week just in case.

At a push I could register for Sept-2016 entry, i.e. DD aged 6. But this would be very difficult for me and best avoided if possible.

Please offer any tips and helpful information and advice. Thank you. TD

colander1 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:35:16

It will depend on whether the year group is full or not. If not full, they may allow you to put your name down for the later start and 'hold' your place for you. If they tend to have full year groups then they are unlikely to hold a place as they would be missing out on the money. You'll probably find someone is in school to ask from Monday onwards.

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