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Vicious bullying and foul language issues in Y5

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christmaswreaths Mon 07-Dec-15 09:30:46

Hi all,
I have namechanged for this as I post here all the time and didn't want to be identified.
My DS1 has joined a new school last year, in Year 4. He took a while to settle, but towards the end of last year, he reported some issues with one of his friends being very unkind to another boy. I know the mother of said boy went into school to see if it could be sorted out, but it didn't really. This year the situation has escalated drastically. The one boy who was initially being unkind has ganged up with other two boys, who also happened to be my sons' friends, and started the name calling, swearing and teasing. My son was so appalled he told me every night and said he refused to take part and started defending the boy as he felt so sorry for him.

My son has tried to talk to teachers as he is also class representative, but they just brush it off or tell them off and that's it.

The situation has escalated further with pieces of paper being circulated in the class saying "F** your mum" " x is gay" and other seriously bad language, bordering on obscene. Up until now I only had my son telling me all this, but yesterday a very concerned mum called me to say she heard all the same things coming from the same three boys and that her son was extremely upset. This mum also found said piece of paper in her son's pocket but unfortunately disposed of it (so the evidence is now not there, sadly).

I emailed the head last night as I am unable to go into school for a couple of days as I am away with work but can't let this go unchecked even for one day. What do you think? Is this something the school can sort out? I am so upset my son has been exposed to this behaviour and language, he is very good about it all and is a strong character but I feel very unhappy about it. Any advice on how to deal with this would be very much appreciated. The issue in my opinion will also be harder to resolve as they have had a string of supply teachers this year so far, so there isn't going to be someone in the class to get to know the boys and build a rapport with them to try and stop this behaviour...or is this just a red herring?

Brioche201 Tue 08-Dec-15 18:14:50

Well done you and well done your DS!

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