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The Harrodian School

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toomuchribbon Fri 04-Dec-15 15:01:23

Does anyone know anything about 4+ entry to the Harrodian?

We have registered DC1 for September 2017 entry but only this week so officially are a little late given that it is meant to be two years in advance... (We didn't know we were moving back to London until last month).

As it is first come first served does anyone know if he has a reasonable chance of getting a place?
The admissions office have advised that while in theory there is a long list for the 40 places in reality many drop out over the next couple of years for various reasons: not relocating after all, getting a state primary place, etc.

They actually said that everyone who wanted a place last year did get one in the end but I wonder how many of these were at the last minute and/or when people were notified of places?

We're basing a house move around schools in the area and while there are a couple of great state primaries we are considering there are not many independent options... So any advice welcome! smile

jeanne16 Fri 04-Dec-15 16:56:42

I would put your DCs name down fir at least one other independent school as a backup. There us Ibstock and the Falcons reasonably close.

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