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What is transferred to Secondary in school "record"?

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toastedraisinbread Sat 21-Nov-15 23:25:47

So when your child's records are transferred from primary to secondary, does that include all the correspondence you've ever had with the primary? Or is it just their academic record that is passed on?

BetweenTwoLungs Sat 21-Nov-15 23:41:19

As a y6 teacher we meet with secondaries to give this info. We give a summary of academic ability based on our assessments, summary of what behaviour is like, attendance, who they're friends with and who should be avoided in terms of putting people in form groups together, any support they've had from the scjool eg interventions, on SEN register etc. Senco passes on more detailed information for children on the SEN register and head teacher passes on any safeguarding issues to their designated person. Oh and we also point out who to watch for football teams, music concerts etc.

Definitely don't pass on all records/details - the secondaries basically just want a one page summary of each child. We wouldn't have time to pass on every interaction with the parent and tbh the high schools just wouldn't care.

spanieleyes Sun 22-Nov-15 20:26:33

We pass on personal files for each child, so yes, this would include annual reports, correspondence, safeguarding, SEN details etc. Whether the schools read it all is another matter! Data ( in terms of attendance, reported levels, FSM, SEN, etc) is passed on electronically and we also have a transition meeting with the Year 7 co-ordinators of the various secondary schools our children move on to where we discuss teacher assessments, strengths and weaknesses , friendship groups, talents, sibling links with school etc.

mummytime Mon 23-Nov-15 09:43:02

As a parent I would say anything you need to be passed on, it's worth giving the new school advanced warning of, as it can take a while for the records to get through.

On the other hand if there is stuff you'd rather was "left behind", well the primary Head could do what my DD's primary Head did; and write a letter which makes it sound as if the new school is about to get a violent bully. The new school has to take it seriously, but fortunately also took it with a pinch of salt and when nothing awful happened allowed her to leave her "reputation" behind. They also accepted her diagnosis and gave her support.

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