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RAMS05 Wed 18-Nov-15 11:55:30

I am really struggling to find a tutor in wembly for my DS 's 11 plus training.
I would prefer a 1 to 1 session. would any of you recommend someone?
The schools we are looking at as QE boys, Dr. challoners, habs, Parmiters.

Kaz1990 Wed 25-Nov-15 13:28:07

I would recommend a company called London School of Tuition.

TheoriginalLEM Wed 25-Nov-15 13:33:51

I don't understand, genuinely, im not being sarcastic but if your child needs a tutor to get through the 11plus then don't you worry that they wont keep up with the demands of grammar school? I have teacher friends who say that tutored children often really struggle.

Its different if its just orientating to the tests but surely you can buy the books?

I guess its another way of streaming on £££

And no im not bitter, my DD is tutored and it is incredibly expensive but she has a SEN. We chose not to do the 11plus even though there was a good chance she would have passed because of the way the test is set, i felt it would be too much pressure on her.

MumTryingHerBest Wed 25-Nov-15 14:51:43

RAMS05 given that each of those schools has a different 11 plus test format, you may need to use two or more tutors.

For Parmiters you will be applying for one of two non catchment places and you will need to score approx. 100% in both papers. As the exam format was changed to CEM VR this year you will need to make sure the tutor is familiar with the new material for this exam. If you are planning on moving to the inner catchment area then I don't think you will be in catchment for Dr Challenors and the commute will not be easy either.

My son sat a maths moc designed for QE Barnet and two of the questions on the paper were A level standard (as confirmed by my tutor and her DS who is doing A level maths at Watford Grammar). Feedback on the exam this year was the maths paper was particularly hard. In light of this you will need to find a tutor with a good QE success rate for this year.

The Bucks 11 plus exam is full CEM unlike the SW Herts 11 plus, which is currently only CEM VR. You will need to find a tutor who is familiar with the Bucks CEM exam content (this shouldn't be hard as they changed to CEM a couple of years ago. Be aware though, that the tutor may not be able to help with the SW Herts 11 plus as that exam is only CEM for the VR.

It is also worth noting that to get an inner catchment academic place at Parmiters your DC will need to score in the top 4% - 5%, whereas they will need to be in the top 25% for Bucks and then it is on distance.

Habs is a different format again and this year there were far fewer children who qualified for Habs who also qualified for semi-selecitves (DAO is popular with Habs hopefuls) & Grammars. I would suggest you find a tutor who had a good success rate this year for both Habs and DAO/Grammars (from what I can tell, there aren't many).

You might be able to get more specific information from:

crazycatguy Mon 14-Dec-15 11:58:05

I worked in one of the schools that has been mentioned in this thread. The kids tutored to within an inch of their lives to get in stood out hugely amongst those who were naturally bright enough to enter. Their ability to access the curriculum offered at the school was somewhat limited too.

Tutoring should always be an augmentation or extension of what's already there. It's a huge business in N London, I know someone who gave up teaching solely to tutor and they're not poor. If your dc is naturally gifted, tutoring 'top-up' sessions aren't a bad idea. Their primary/prep school teacher should be able to accurately advise.

mellicauli Sun 20-Dec-15 01:39:32

What you say about QE Boys maths exam is not quite correct. They can only test what is taught in the national curriculum by end of Year 6. They do make the questions challenging but you won't find (for example) anything on trigonometry or some other subject off the curriculum etc.

My son is naturally talented at maths, so we didn't waste our money on a tutor, we just did a few Bond Books and other papers to train for speed. He is now very happy at the school.

We did have a tutor for English where he wasn't so strong and this was very helpful and worthwhile.

She also did verbal reasoning for Parmiters but it was a bit of a waste of time: he didn't need the help.

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