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online educational games

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robinw Sun 16-May-04 14:03:22

message withdrawn

gothicmama Sun 16-May-04 14:06:35

BBC online have education section here maybe to educational could try cbbc

robinw Sun 16-May-04 15:09:48

message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sun 16-May-04 16:29:16

These look good but may be for younger children I think (click on games). I've not looked at them all to check but the ones I have seen look like they are for younger children than you're looking for.

The Cookie Crumbler is fun. Only problem is I'm hungry now!

tamum Sun 16-May-04 16:46:26

There's one that ds (aged 9) uses at school which I've just had a quick look at. It seems ideal for what you want. It's called Grid Club .

SueW Sun 16-May-04 20:24:57

Here's one that's educational without anyone realising. DD and I have had great fun with it today. They are studying Picasso in art at the mo.

treacletart Sun 16-May-04 20:50:20 is stacked full of fantastic games from UK museums and galleries - free, safe, fun and educational! - it's the kids version of

robinw Mon 17-May-04 07:14:14

message withdrawn

SoupDragon Mon 17-May-04 07:33:11

I struggled to find the educational aspect of those games too, Robinw! I looked at a number of the games after posting the link and, whilst fun, none seemed to be educatinal despite the claim. Hangaroo was strangely addictive. It was hangman based on American trivia whoch would have been good if it were UK stuff.

SueW Mon 17-May-04 09:27:57

You could try Miniclip . That link will take you through to the puzzle section.

robinw Wed 19-May-04 07:16:29

message withdrawn

roisin Wed 19-May-04 08:45:48

SueW - I loved the Picasso game ... now I just have to find time to show it to ds1! (DS2 was off school 'sick' on Monday, as he'd had d&v, but actually was fine. We had a great day together with time to do all things we don't usually get to do. Maybe I should get ds1 to pull a sicky too?! )

robinw Fri 21-May-04 12:40:07

message withdrawn

roisin Fri 21-May-04 12:45:51

I can't find it robinw. Can you do a direct link, or explain how to get to it on the gridclub site?

How's your club going btw?

robinw Fri 21-May-04 13:11:58

message withdrawn

robinw Sat 22-May-04 07:35:46

message withdrawn

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