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Bethnal Green Montessori School vs Mapledene - Haggerston / South Hackney

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BlueMonkey26 Fri 13-Nov-15 12:16:38

I'm looking into local nurseries in Haggerston / South Hackney for my son (who is only 2 months old).

I was wondering if anybody had any feedback about Bethnal Green Montessori School just off Hackney Rd / Pritchards Rd? I like their website and the philosophy / ethos behind what they do. However, I have also heard a lot of good things about Mapledene. Both BGM and Mapledene are Ofsted Outstanding. Are there any others I should be looking into in this area?

Also, how early did you start putting your child down on waiting lists? I'm a first time mum and so don't want to miss the boat! I've seen a few scaremongering articles in the press about London parents putting their kids down on waiting lists before they are even born!! Is this true?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to offer.

Daragirl Wed 13-Jan-16 21:13:27

Hi, I've never heard of Mapledene, but my son has been at BGM for almost a year and it is fantastic. We live in Stoke Newington & BGM was recommended to us by a friend whose child attended there.

The staff are so nurturing and really attentive to each child, it's the first time my son has been in childcare so I know no different but I'm amazed at the level of attention each child gets and how all the staff know everything about all the kids, not just their key workers.
Our last one on one meeting with his key worker lasted over an hour. The children are really gentle, the 'Grace & Courtesies' aspect of Montessori is a beautiful thing to see in action. I would strongly recommend BGM, my son attends the Pritchards Rd site in the morning and a couple days a week goes to the Warner Place site for lunch and a free play session. Both sites are great, although the Pritchards Rd one looks rather foreboding from the outside....... You won't regret sending your children there, I wish I could keep him there til he turns 18!!!!

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