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Child Reference - can parents see them?

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Ihatecrafting Mon 02-Nov-15 19:05:13

Does anyone know if it's acceptable to expect a copy of their child's reference when changing independent schools. The head of my son's current school is to give a reference to the school we wish to move him to. I'd like to see it. Is it something the Data Protection Act covers?

Gruach Mon 02-Nov-15 23:15:46

Hmm ...

Insofar as an independent school counts as an organization I would imagine you already have all the "information" the school holds on your son. Tests, exams, punishments, prizes ... I doubt they've ever attempted to withhold any of that from you?

But what your HM will be sending in their Head's Report is surely their impression of your son. His strengths and weaknesses and an idea of whether he would thrive in the environment of a particular school.

This question has come up here before and it's been pointed out that a parental veto over Head's Reports would completely destroy the relationship of trust between prep and senior schools.

Obviously if you have a specific, significant concern (an issue that might have legal implications for your child's future, say) you may be inclined to seek out professional advice - but I don't think the school will feel obliged to satisfy mere curiosity.

EYDavis Tue 03-Nov-15 04:16:29

You could probably request the reference under the Data Protection Act. If this isn't something that is commonly done then such a request might be perceived as hostile by the prep and/or senior schools. As you probably can't do anything about the content of the reference, it might not be worth requesting just to satisfy your curiosity.

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