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Any Ed Psych's out there?

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Lara2 Fri 14-May-04 19:46:18

Need to have this answered, so I know if our attached Ed Psych is crap or telling the truth. Have been trying to get a statement for a child in my class - first attempt was refused. Everyone involved very shocked and dissappointed. Ed Psych came to see him yesterday and said that she wasn't allowed to recommend special school - the request had to come from his parents!! I asked her why she was employed by the county then (I know, rude, but it was out of my mouth before I thought); and she said to assess, but not to recommend educational establishments!!!! I was bloody speechless! She has NEVER so much as hinted at this in all the time we have been doing the statement! Is this true/common??

Jimjams Fri 14-May-04 20:07:15

Hmmm interesting if it is- as when I asked about special school for my non-verbal son I was told by the ed Psych that she would not be recommending him for special school as he was "coping" in mainstream. I've also been told you have to have permission to look around a special school from an ed psych, and my friend wasn't allowed to look around a special school until after her daughter had been offered a place! Basically they will do anything to keep you away from special school as their are no places.

At the last meeting the ed psych asked whether we had considered a unit attached to mainstream (which happens to be crap- so I said he wouldn't be going there)- and she said she was kind of pleased to hear that as there aren't any spaces anyway!

Davros Fri 14-May-04 20:57:39

I thought the main purpose of an Ed Psych was to recommend educational settings, otherwise why bother and not just see a Psych? I suspect this is an unwritten rule and I think against all guidelines.

Lara2 Sat 22-May-04 15:50:24

Just as I suspected - games, games, games!! Why bother pretending that provision is there for children in the first place!!???

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