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Flexi-schooling Legislation

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Rivers10 Wed 21-Oct-15 21:12:30

My children's headteacher is unwilling to allow flexischooling because of the wretched registration code changes - she allowed it in the past when children could be registered under 'code B' (educated off site) but now that the 2014 legislation says she has to list children under code 'C' (absent) she's not prepared to take the knock to her attendance figures that flexi-schooling would inevitably create. I can see her dilemma. However I've spoken to a couple of schools this week which allow extensive flexi-schooling and which tell me they still use the code 'B'. They are quite vague on how they are still able to do this with statements such as "the codes themselves are not statutory although the use of a code obviously is". This doesn't wash with my local authority who tell me that they must simply be operating incorrectly and will eventually be pulled up for it. Can anybody offer any advice or information on 'getting around' the code 'C' problem since the legislation changed last year? Has anybody managed it and if so how?! Many thanks for any information.

IguanaTail Wed 21-Oct-15 21:16:02

We can't. I have no idea how those schools are doing it but it does not sound like they are operating correctly at all.

prh47bridge Wed 21-Oct-15 22:04:23

Your LA is correct. The government changed the rules in March 2013, effectively telling state funded schools that they cannot participate in flexischooling arrangements. It is the government's view that existing laws do not provide for flexischooling. They are also unhappy that flexischooling means a school receives full funding for a pupil who attends part time. Any school which is still participating in flexischooling arrangements is ignoring the government's Advice on School Attendance and the EHE (Elective Home Education) guidelines.

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