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Highgate assessment for 3+ entry

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ledgeoffseason Wed 21-Oct-15 12:06:34

I would appreciate some advice on this.

We are trying to get ds into a school in Hampstead without going too nuts alpha-tiger-parents about it. Which probably means we will end up with nowhere. However, we have most surprisingly got an assessment date with Highgate.

Has anyone been through this and got any advice? He will be 2 years and 9 months at assessment, very sociable and confident but not terribly biddable if that's what they're looking for!

Threeunderthree33 Tue 27-Oct-15 06:14:37

We went through it ....unsuccessfully! About 8 children, playroom with space for parents at one end. Several teachers doing activities with children. They were lovely, raisins given at the end. Activities were sorting, duplo, books, cars, drawing etc. The activities are one to one, so they have a chance to chat to each child. I suspect that language and doing what is asked is key. But much come down to luck on the day.

DC was not in the mood and was naughty. Now elsewhere and top of the class, so for all the in-depth assessment they do miss out on some bright children.

He was unphased by the experience, but I found it stressful!

ledgeoffseason Tue 03-Nov-15 21:00:51

Thanks so much for the info! Yes, it all sounds like luck of the draw to me, delighted for you that your son is soaring elsewhere.

Monsoonrain1 Mon 21-Nov-16 01:03:32

Hi ledgeofseason, my son has an assessment at the end of Jan and will be 2yrs & 5 months (baby of the class!) Any advice on the assessment please, what was asked etc?

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