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Oscarwhite Sun 18-Oct-15 21:39:39

Good evening everyone.

Can someone Please share up to date reviews on Cranmore school.
We are thinking of moving our son for reception 2016. Overall it looks like 'the right school for us'. The pros is that it's Catholic, with excellent sport and music facilities. The academic side of the school seem to be good too (as far as I'm aware). What worries me the most is the bullying issue. From what I have read from the older threads Bullying has been a big issue for quite a few families. I wonder if anything has changed now that the school became a co-ed.
Apologies for the poor grammar English is not my first language.


mummytime Mon 19-Oct-15 13:08:21

I don't know anyone there at present, but I'll add this post to try and boost it.

Oscarwhite Mon 19-Oct-15 17:57:28

Thank you mummytime

MarsTwirl Thu 22-Oct-15 21:29:42

Local to the area and have friends with sons there, mainly in the upper years though. It used to be the alternative to Lanesborough if you wanted more space, sports or didn't quite make the cut for Lanesborough (but still Cranmore was pretty academic).
I think in recent years it has grown/popularity has shrunk partly due to recession, partly due to reputation. It seems to be a complete marmite school - some love it; others hate it.
I think it becoming co-ed will change it but it doesn't have the same spark other schools have from what friends say. Two families left because of the school just being very impersonal and not dealing properly with things. One of them went to Duke of Kent and found it the perfect place, another went to Feltonfleet and found it had far more character and 'oomph'.

It also has all the positives you have probably seen/been sold but be sure it is right for your son.
Other schools (depending where you live?) worth considering are:
Duke of Kent, Feltonfleet as mentioned

mummytime Thu 22-Oct-15 21:47:19

Funny because I'm so old I remember when Cranmore was far more academic than Lanesborough (which is still pretty mixed which is why not all their boys by a long way go onto RGS). It used to be called cram-more, and produced boys who got scholarships but then might be lazy and mess up their GCSEs.
So probably all the old threads here are out of date.

Oscarwhite Thu 22-Oct-15 21:54:44

Thank you, MarsTwirl

We live in Epsom but I'm not working and don't mind driving DS. We are also considering moving if we find the right school.

I have been looking at Parkside and actually going for a tour to see the school after the half term. I've heard it has got very good sport facilities, which is a great bonus for us. DS, although very young is very sporty !!! Saying that, I've been told Parkside is not as academic compared to Cranmore.
We have also considered Daneshill (it's not that far from us) but again, lots of mixed reviews. So confused

homebythesea Mon 26-Oct-15 12:59:23

How about Downsend? Personally I think it would be nuts for you to drive past it to get to Parkside or Cranmore. It's a great school with brilliant results

Flyingmum23 Mon 16-Nov-15 07:57:19

My son joined Cranmore in year 3. We choose it over Lanesborough despite the fact we are 3 min walk to the school. He is now in year 4. It is the most amazing school and i cannot recommend it more. It is non selective at age 3 but will maximise your child's potential in all aspects. Academic achievement will depend on your childs ability not the school. If is full on and your child should be happy to have a go. There is loads on offer, perhaps too much some weeks. The classes are small 15 children only. The school is very well managed and the pastoral care is outstanding. They are good in assesing childres at entry and is it is a very inclusive school. Not everyone can be top on everything. I will choose the school based on the prrsonality of your child. Go at pick up time and ask parents yourself. It is a remarkable school.

Oscarwhite Mon 16-Nov-15 21:16:16

Thank you Flyingmum23. I am happy to hear your boy is enjoying the time at Cranmore.
I've been to the school and must admit I loved it. We are still waiting to tour the Parkside at Cobham. Saying that, I've pretty much made a decision towards the Cranmore.

Torz Wed 02-Mar-16 20:53:26

My eldest son joined the junior department at Cranmore last term and absolutely loves it. He has become a super happy, more confident boy that can't wait to tell me about all the activities he has been doing all day. His happiness and enthusiasm is shining through and the staff especially, and parents have all been very friendly, as well as there being great facilities and lots of clubs and opportunities to choose from. His academic progress has been impressive and he has become hugely enthusiastic towards learning. At the moment I couldn't be happier. A far cry from Danes Hill where he was subdued and miserable for 2.5 years and begged me not to send him to school every day, but I'll save that for another post. Good luck with your choice.

Truthspeaker Sun 10-Jul-16 18:51:42

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