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Experience of Bristol independents?

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carrie74 Sun 18-Oct-15 14:44:14

Hiya, we're currently looking at secondary schools for DD (Y6) and ultimately also for DS (Y4). We're considering Bristol Grammar and Clifton High, but would be really interested to hear people's views and experiences. We live about 10 miles from Bristol, so it will be a bit of a trek, but doable (I also work PT in Bristol, and DH is sometimes Bristol based but less regularly than me). Where we live, hardly anyone considers schools outside the local comp which seems a good enough school, but I'm biased from a selective independent eduction myself, and DH, despite having attended a comprehensive, feels even more strongly than me that he'd like to send private.

Both children are currently at the lovely local primary school. DD is bright, not top of the class bright, but curious, interested and a good all rounder. DS has a recent diagnosis of ASD, but is also bright, but less articulate both verbally and in the written word. He's a voracious reader, and I think has tonnes going on in his head but hasn't yet worked out how to get it onto paper.

I'd be interested to know about experiences on the entrance exams, and then the actual schooling itself. We've been impressed by both schools in different ways, and DD likes them both as well. I think DS and I have a leaning towards one, DH has a leaning towards another, but ultimately I think either would be a good choice.

Any experiences to share?

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