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suedonim Thu 13-May-04 21:01:40

My 16 yo dd1 is starting her Higher exams tomorrow morning so I just want to wish all exam takers ~*~*~*~good luck~*~*~*~ over the next month or so! And don't panic too much, the world won't stop turning if it doesn't go quite as planned.

jampot Thu 13-May-04 21:02:25

Yes - Good luck to everyone taking exams of any age !!!!!

Hulababy Thu 13-May-04 21:14:06

Good luck everyone!!!

Our GCSEs start next week too. My Y11 ICT class have their first exam next Wednesday

Janh Thu 13-May-04 21:16:57

Thanks, suedonim - good luck to your dd too! (And everybody else of course.)

ds1 (16 in July) had his German oral last week, "stands down" next Wednesday I think and has another German exam and an English one the week after. All hell breaks loose after half term!

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