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Question for part time teachers

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hercules Thu 13-May-04 20:28:31

Now confirmed I am going part time in Sept working Monday till 5 (meeting), Tuesday and Friday all day so will be 60%

What are my commits re my contract for things such as schemes of work, exam writing etc. Do I have to do as much of this as will be allocated to other staff in my subject or do i do 60%?


Hulababy Thu 13-May-04 20:39:18

Firstly, congrats on the part time. I do 60% - Tuesday - Thursday (meeting night is Tuesday for us).

Mmm, I have found that I do just as much of this stuff as before. Although I am adamant about not working on my days off, so if I can't do it then I simply can't. Trouble with teaching contracts is that they are still so vague and our hours are xxx hours, plus any others the headmaster feels is necessary for us to do our job!

BUT, youdo not have to attend any meetings, training, parent's evenings, etc. that are n your days off. I have this in writing from the NASUWT.

I am afraid with the rest of it you have to negotiate with your HoD. Mine is pretty good but I still way more than I oughtto. When it comes to reports and marking though I only do my classes, and nothing to do with any classes/years I don't teach.

hercules Thu 13-May-04 20:41:22

thanks hula. Going back full time to begin with still but then just 3 days. Plus i share a 6th form tutor group- bliss!!!!

hercules Thu 13-May-04 20:41:50

def dont want to work on days off.

Hulababy Thu 13-May-04 20:48:23

I remember you said you were doing FT until the holidays - not too long to do and you will get the full pay over the summer And 6 weeks (mind here, this year we have 7) off again!

Be very strict with your days off. I have even got Dh to agree that I shouldn't be doing houseowrk on days off either as it is mine and DD's time. So we arrange to be busy as much as possible, even if just walks to park, etc.

hercules Thu 13-May-04 20:52:13

Can just see the house going to complete pot as dh will be too tired to do anything also. IT will be sooo nice to do part time.

Hulababy Thu 13-May-04 20:54:19

It is fab, and 60% is a good balance.

hercules Thu 13-May-04 20:59:09

I figure it would equal the hours of a standard full time job but give me the paid holidays.

Hulababy Fri 14-May-04 08:53:58

That's about right, yes. I get my long term planning done in the holidays on the 2 days DD goes to nursery. Although I don't always send her in to nursery for the whole time - normally a shortened length of time. I have learnt to be strict with myself about when I work and how much I do. And my priorities have definitely changed anyway since having DD. For me, work has definitely taken more of a back seat.

hercules Fri 14-May-04 08:55:48

Hula as you're about when do you do your normal marking, preparation etc? How many frees do you get as well?

Hulababy Fri 14-May-04 09:09:26

Morning Actually on here as I was e-mailing my HoD - we have HMI in this week Just wanted to see if he had been ;done' yeserday afternnon. I got away with no inspections

I have 2 one hour frees a week. We have 5 one hour lessons a day. I also don't have a form and for some reason have not had to cover one at all this year so I also get 30 mins free each morning But not tell anyone as I think that is an oversight ont he school's part which I have failed to tell them about!

We get a lot of cover here so I rarely get both frees - normally just the one. I do a lot of my marking in that one free, and where possible when I have a cover lesson.

I then do my over prep and marking once DD is in bed (about 7:30), normally on either a Mon-Wed evening, or at the weekend. As I said before I don't do anything, unless really stuck for time, on Monday and Friday during the day. And I ave made my HoD get more organised with meetings so when we have ours on a Tuesday I ensure it is productive.

And moderation type work I insist is done in school time, off timetable. I noticed other departments did this so why shouldn't we. And it is so much better.

I also try and do long term/medium term planning in holidays - so day to day is just tweaking those.

We are in serious weaknesses so have a lot of extra planning stuff and meeting than normal but I just try and be organised, and to reuse stuff as much as possible. And I have got the department sharing resources and plans much more than they used to as well. Why 2 or 3 of us plan similar topics??? Now we take a topic each and prepare resources and references for each other.

hercules Fri 14-May-04 09:46:55

Thanks hulababy

geogteach Fri 14-May-04 20:54:16

I have done 0.6 for the last 3 years, its definately a good balance but i'm about to chuck it all in when number 3 is born. I find it much harder working with 2 than I did with one. My biggest problem has always been gatting the head to decide what days she wants me to work (no choice given) in enough time to get childcare sorted.

cazzybabs Fri 14-May-04 21:05:21

I work part-time (in a prep school) and I have to attend inset, parent's evenings, meetings on my days off and do all my displays etc. It such a con and really p***** me off!!! Maybe I should speak to my union about it (I am in the NUT) as I don't really mind but don't see why my collegues are being paid to attend INSET and I have to for free!

hercules Fri 14-May-04 21:06:34

Manybe prep rules are different?

Hulababy Fri 14-May-04 21:13:36

cazzybabes - lega;;y you do NOT. I will post the union's advise. It is from NASUWT but is the same for all teachers!

Hulababy Fri 14-May-04 21:44:26

legally - even.

And if you do decide to go in - your choice, not theirs - they have to pay you the going rate for the day.

ARe you in a priavte school? If so it may be different.

BUT, I was unsure so I simply e-mailed by local union rep (ignore school rep, go to the head one for your region). I then got a reply via e-mail from him which I simply showed to anyone who asked. I have not done one single thing on my day off since recieving that e-mail. After the first time when asked and I showed the HM the e-mail it has never been questioned again. And I am not thought badly for it either. I have a good rep at the school luckily.

pickledbeetle Fri 14-May-04 21:52:39

I work 0.6 too, primary school. I attend INSET on my usual days but it is optional on days I wouldn't usually work. I do the planning for the school for my subject area and attend teachers meetings as much as possible - usually on 1 of my days.
I think a lot depends on the head.

Hulababy Fri 14-May-04 21:57:34

I was very lucky with my days - I chose them. School did try and make a change at last minute but I just said it couldn't happen because of childcare.

nancysgirl Sat 15-May-04 21:22:00

Hi everyone
I work 1 day a week-previously 2 and have always been told that I HAD to do 0.2 of everything- training etc regardless of the fact that it is always on my days off. Feel very aggrieved about this as I do not get any extra pay for doing, say Mon training, then my usual Fri, despite having to arrange and pay for extra child care costs. Ironically, my jobshare partner, who has to do 0.8 of the training days, will still get paid the same, even when she's not there! It seems to me that I do the day and she gets the money! Have never had any sensible advice from NASUWT so would love to know if there is anything written about this, how to get hold of it.

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