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Duke of Kent School, Ewhurst

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groundhogmummy Mon 12-Oct-15 19:36:50

Posted on secondary but no response sad

Anyone kindly prepared to share some info / answer a few qs on this school?


molly77 Sun 08-Nov-15 09:34:49

Hi I am a Duke of Kent parent but my child is in Pre-Prep so I'm not sure if I would be of much help. Try posting on the Local Surrey board.

DoK is a really lovely school with a family feel. With such small classes every child gets a lot of care and attention. The new head is very positive, driven to improve the school and personally involved in all areas of the school. Under her watch the school is significantly more popular in recent years (particularly with those wanting to avoid the Guildford hot house schools).

groundhogmummy Mon 09-Nov-15 21:49:16

Thank you Molly77 - didn't think I was going to get a response .... Maybe all the DoK parents want to keep their school a well hidden secret....!!

I wanted to find out if anyone could shed any light on how they cater for different abilities across such small year groups. I think the school would suit my DS but he is quite able academically and I want to ensure that he will not be left to his own devices (dangerous) if others have more need of teacher time.

Hia3 Sun 15-Nov-15 20:33:46

My Nephew recently completed year 11 at this school. My daughter will be joining the Senior school- at present in a Prep school in our village.
Duke of Kent does have different abilities , but according to the Head at my daughters Prep school, they don't accept the weakest pupils- so selective to a degree.
Maths, English, Science , Spanish, French taught in ability sets- class size max 18 , but often a lot smaller.
Grading system in year 10 and 11 - every half term- with your expected GCSE grade. So if you are A* student and not achieving predicted grades- school and parents will be aware. It's not a hot house school, but you are expected to work hard and achieve your best.
Extended day gives loads of opportunity to go above and beyond curriculum . Previous students have along side their GCSEs achieved AS level Extended Project.

groundhogmummy Mon 16-Nov-15 17:05:49

Thanks both. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the school) the school's popularity has grown to the extent that they barely have any places for Year 7 entry. Unless a significant portion of current year 6 leave it looks unlikely my ds will get a place, as they only operate admissions via a wait list, not based on entrance exam. They literally only have a dozen or so places and am guessing names have been down for more than a year.

I understand quite a few children have joined in year 6 to avert this issue, as seems to be happening in a lot of local girls schools.

Shame - the more I think about it the more I realise how much I liked it !

Hia3 Mon 16-Nov-15 18:59:11

I would just register your Son- perhaps think of a back up and/ or apply for a state school option.
I would not be surprised if some of the children don't end up going to the school- it's quite normal to register your child for more than 1 private senior school( my oldest was down for 3) - so for some D of Kent might be a second choice - plus some decide that the expense is too much.
Good Luck - please post on here later in the year to let us know what happened.

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