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Secondary school- appeals - advice needed

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lars Thu 13-May-04 14:50:28

I'm dreading it DD will have to apply for secondary school this year for Sept 2005. Slight problem the school she wants to go to is out of our catchment. I know I will have to go to appeal but not sure what to expect. Other children have got into to the school via appeal and from our local area and I live nearer then most.Our local school is not where she wants to go and I can't blame her for that. The only other school is a church school but don't stand much chance of that either have to be going to church for 10 years either though dd attends a church Primary school- advice needed. larsxx.

soyabean Thu 13-May-04 14:53:44

I cant offer much help as where we live the schools dont have fixed catchment areas. Hope someone else can advise you. You might need to post the name of your LEA.

Jaybee Thu 13-May-04 16:22:44

I think every school is different and it depends on the amount of people who apply to that school - I think this information is listed somewhere - maybe on Ofsted report - no. of children who stated that school as their first preference and no. of pupils actually taken on - that would give you an idea of how oversubscribed it is. Not having been in that situation yet - my ds will be starting secondary in Sept 2005 too - I think I would have a chat with a mum in your area whose child goes to the school your dd wants to go to and ask them what they did.

luckymum Thu 13-May-04 21:00:18

lars - have a look at this


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