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i've upset the teacher

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mummysurfer Thu 13-May-04 11:29:30

on tuesday i raised some concerns re; dd to the duputy, he's spoken to the class teacher and she was 'very upset'. i'm seeing her tonight when i pick dd up from xcountry .. do i say anyhting and if so what do i say?

Sonnet Thu 13-May-04 11:32:49

what sort of concerns mummysurfer? - was it about the teacher specifically?

mummysurfer Thu 13-May-04 11:41:41

dd is very sensative, a 'pleaser'..the class are a bit of a handful. teacher has been shouting at them a lot, banging stuff down on tables and everyday dd was coming home from school more and more sad, loosing interest/enthusiasm for schhol.
made worse by a supply teacher giving them all lines.
teacher is normally a very calm person and was upset that dd thought she'd been shouting at them all not just the culprits

lars Thu 13-May-04 11:48:21

mummysurfer, I've been there, difficult I know but a shouting environment from a teacher is no good for any child let alone a sensitive one.
I would wait until the teacher says something to you. If she does explain that your dd was most upset and you were concerned that she wouldn't learn well in that environment which in turn affects her education. After all if the teacher can't cope with some pupils may be that needs to addressed.BTW I think you done the right thing to speak to head. larsxx

mummysurfer Thu 13-May-04 11:52:58

thanks lars. i'm hoping that if T is sensative enough to get upset herself over this then she will unserstand dd's sensativity

Sonnet Thu 13-May-04 11:53:07

I'd agree with what Lars said.
My DD1 is a "sensitive" child and had satges of being a bit unhappy last year in yr1 due to a "shouting teacher" - quite young, first post in this school and I felt that she felt she had something to prove. I got to the point of confronting it but end of school year loomed so I chickened out - well done you

mummysurfer Thu 13-May-04 11:54:17

' sensitive' -sorry

Jaybee Thu 13-May-04 12:37:01

mummysurfer, as Sonnet says, wel done you. My dd is like this and has always got really upset when other children get shouted at - as a result, she didn't enjoy day-nursery to the point of us almost pulling her out but, like Sonnet, didn't as she was almost due to start the nursery attached to the school - she excelled here mainly due to the soft spoken teachers. She is currently having problems at ballet and I think this may be the problem (some others in her group are preparing for exams and are often corrected!!). I think I would wait until she approaches you, the fact that she has been told may make her think of alternative ways of correcting these children. If she does speak to you, could you not suggest that she asks the children that are misbehaving to remain in the class for a few moments after the others have gone out for break time and tell them off then. At least those children that have not misbehaved will not get shouted at.

mummysurfer Thu 13-May-04 16:37:36

just been to scholl to get ds and she asked for 'a word'....began by saying that the swimming teacher says she is excellent blah de blah (creep creep). then went on to say that she has had a word with her today, told her that she wants her to be happyetc. but that she's not to be so sensitive. haven't had dd's version of events just off to pick her up from Xcountry now - will let you know.

lars Thu 13-May-04 18:13:14

mummysurfer, not to be so sensitive, don't like that saying. Your dd obviously is unhappy in class when a teacher is always shouting so would I be and i'm an adult.
My dd had this at her old school along with some strange comments form the teacher- long story but i did move her in the end as she really didn't like the teacher and head wouldn't do anything. I'm not saying take this option but it is something I think the school need to address constant shouting in a classroom is no fun for the kids or teacher. As my dd said not all teachers are like this and she said her old teacher shouldn't be a teacher- how right she was. I think it is how well the teacher is coping with her class - not very well it appears. Sorry but there is no need for constant shouting I have seen children cry everyday because of a teacher's constant shouting and remarks. There are some great teachers out there that have a natural flair for teaching and others maybe not. I hope the teacher thinks before she shouts now and it is obviously having an affect on her pupils as I'm sure your dd is not the only one upset by all of this. Larsxx

SofiaAmes Thu 13-May-04 22:18:17

I'm a little surprised that any teacher would be allowed to shout regularly at his/her students. That wouldn't have been acceptable even when I was a kid (and that was a very long time ago) and teachers were allowed to spank children. hmm. sounds like a class change might be a good idea for your dd. I don't think it's "too sensitive" to be upset by someone shouting. I'm 40 and I get upset by someone shouting.

nightowl Fri 14-May-04 00:53:49

i remember it happening very clearly. we had one teacher that used to reduce us all to tears on a regular basis, and this was at nursery. she even shouted at one girl in front of everyone at the nativity play, because she wasnt holding her hands in the correct prayer position. this was over 20 years ago.

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