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Change to Admissions Code for Summer borns

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Letsgetreal Mon 14-Sep-15 12:22:14

Can anyone advise me how this would work in practice for children currently in the school system?

My son is currently in Year 2 ?? but he is an August (27th) birthday and my local area refused to allow him to drop back a year on entry.

If the admissions code is changed can we force the school and LEA to drop him back so he repeats a year?

Also he has a chance to move schools when he goes into Year 3 (a local secondary school takes some children at 7) so again can we force them to consider his entry a year later?

Lastly if this change does apply to children currently at school as well as new starters, will this apply to private schools as well or are they negotiated on a individual basis as they have no obligation to follow the admissions code?

Or does this change only apply to new starters in which case a whole generation of summer born children will underperform!

Ta1kinPeace Mon 14-Sep-15 13:10:02

L O N G thread in Primary about this

(a) its kite flying : may not actually happen

(b) it will only apply to kids who have not yet started school

(c) it will make no difference to performance and outcomes in the long run.

Letsgetreal Mon 14-Sep-15 13:19:38

Closed - being answered on another thread

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