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Are we expecting far too much of a primary aged children??

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luckymum Tue 11-May-04 22:13:41

My dd (year 5) had an *important* - her words -spelling test today, she usually gets full marks. Today she got 7/20. She got in the car and wept buckets because the scores had been read out and all the children stared at her. She said she was embarassed and that she'd failed. I'm so angry that any 'test' at primary should be deemed important enough to reduce her to tears - that she should feel a failure - that she's 'expected' not only by her teachers but by her peers to produce a perfect mark week in week out- that she's lying in bed now not sleeping because she's worried about how she'll perform tomorrow - and that I can't find the words to make it right.

secur Tue 11-May-04 15:57:20

Message withdrawn

lars Tue 11-May-04 15:52:48

secur, that seems so hard to keep you in playtimes when that is the most important part of social interaction with your peers. Did you get excluded by your peers, as when would you have the chance to interact with them except in the classroom doing school work not doubt. How awful for you I think I would of resented that and started to slack with my work. larsxx

secur Tue 11-May-04 15:40:15

Message withdrawn

lars Tue 11-May-04 15:27:30

goosey, I don't think your views are extreme but reflect the reality of the situation.
Children don't appear to have time to enjoy their school years without having pressure to perform and deliver. If they don't they are considered a failure at such a young age. I feel sorry for the teachers as well, can't be easy having to go along with all of this. I really don't like the education system today, when I was young it appeared to be fun and there was time to enjoy school - no pressure unlike today- What has happened!!!

goosey Tue 11-May-04 15:10:36

I agree with you lars, and as with a lot of things in this country it has become a snobbery thing too. This or that pre-school is beter than the other because they teach a foreign language or have their own uniform blah blah bah.
Let them explore and enjoy their childhoods away from the spectre of national tests which limit their freedoms and individuality. My views are extreme - but yes, stop pushing them and allow them learn to run on their own inspirational steam instead.

lars Tue 11-May-04 15:01:54

After posted on another thread it made me think are we expecting far too much of our children.
They appeared to pushed,pushed and more pushing.
In Norway they think our education system is mad. Where has the fun gone in going to school is just seems to be sats and test, test , test, what do you all think? larsxx

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