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Are we expecting far too much of a primary aged children??

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lars Tue 11-May-04 15:01:54

After posted on another thread it made me think are we expecting far too much of our children.
They appeared to pushed,pushed and more pushing.
In Norway they think our education system is mad. Where has the fun gone in going to school is just seems to be sats and test, test , test, what do you all think? larsxx

LHP Fri 14-May-04 09:03:46

There has been a sort of move to hold back some of the really formal schooling for pre schools and reception from when they introduced the "curriculum guidance for the foundation stage" in, I think, Autiumn 2000. This was based on lots of research about the importance of play and especially outdoors play and produced in consultation with Early Years experts such as Tina Bruce. The guidance IIRC was intended to override the Literacy/numeracy hours and any formal whole class reaching until at least the summer term in reception. When this is done well, with lots of resources, outside access and,crucially, training for the staff on how to make "play" meaningful and relevant (What I mean is,for example,presenting a problem to be solved with the lego and not just bunging it out on the table in a box, what is what I think many non EY teachers think happens) it's great, but the sad reality seems to be that the foundation teachers receive lots of pressure from managers and KS1 teachers who have not had training in Early Years, to produce reams and reams of worksheets, sitting still for hours on end etc because "they are going to have to do it in Y2, so they might as well practice now" WTF! They are going to have to lrearn quadratic equations in Y10, but it doesn't mean they have to start age 5!! There is so much evidence for the value of learning according to developmental readyness, it makes my blood boil when I hear pushy teacher/ school stories like these.

Batters Fri 14-May-04 10:26:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

discordia Fri 14-May-04 10:51:03

This thread has inspired me. I'm going to write to my MP with my views on primary school testing. Ask him if he can come and explain to my dd why she is suddenly finding school so horrid.

BTW, my kids are at a great school, I have no complaint against the school at all. The Year 2 teacher is good and leads up to the SATS quite gently but all the children know that they're being tested and it stresses them out. Seven year olds should not be suffering stress!

lars Fri 14-May-04 14:28:54

discordia, you are so right to feel pressured to do well at such young age is worrying. We never had it so why should they.
Maybe us parents need to do more about it, but I know you will get the parents who think their child is not learning enough- like not enough h/work at primary - surely children should be able to enjoy their childhood.
I think no10 Downing street here we all come!!! larsxx

roisin Fri 14-May-04 14:33:21

I sometimes wonder whether this generation of children will grow up and feel robbed of their childhood. They seem under so much pressure: not just education and after-school activities, but clothes to wear, music to listen to, culture and materialism. Some kids have no free time just to 'be' ... and don't get me started on the lack of independence and freedom to play without constant adult observation and interference ...

Janh Fri 14-May-04 14:36:23

roisin, I had to pop into school this morning and was talking to the school sec'y who has been there longer than god (scary to think how young she must have been when dd1 started, she has always seemed so grown-up!) and we were agreeing what a lot of pressure they're under now, what a PITA SATs have been with practising for weeks etc, and she said exactly that - they don't seem to have a proper childhood any more.

lars Fri 14-May-04 14:49:05

I feel really sad about it
I do feel it's all our control and teachers/parents don't appear to have any input.
I know when they sit the SATS they have to go into the hall- remember that feeling of exams!! My daughter has got to sit her test paper when she goes back to school as just had her tonsils out- only yr5 but they need to practise. larsxx

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