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Public schools near Marylebone?

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BlahSchoolsBlah Thu 03-Sep-15 09:22:24

Hi, we live in Marylebone and have been planning to send our daughter to one of the local state schools but the really good ones are faith schools where it is very unlikely we'll get a place, it's also possible we won't get a place close to us at an ok school. I'd rather a state school but the grandparents have said that they will help with tuition for a public school so I'm investigating options. As it's for September 2016 I know we're late to be applying but I'd really appreciate any feed back on girls or coed schools in or around Marylebone - Connaught House School, Queens College Prep, Abercorn, ??

BlahSchoolsBlah Thu 03-Sep-15 09:30:12

I should add that we want our kids to have the opportunity to do well but not in a very regimented hot house environment. Ideally somewhere nurturing with a broad range of subjects.
She's at a Montessori nursery at the moment and we love it but I don't think there are any Montessori primary schools accessible to us

Needmoresleep Thu 03-Sep-15 11:09:03

The Cavendish School? Catholic, but not very.

squeaver Thu 03-Sep-15 11:19:46

I don't have personal experience of it, but I've heard very good things about Queens College Prep. What about North Bridge House ? Also very good.

Neither of these have a reputations for being hothouses.

cingolimama Tue 08-Sep-15 12:14:22

Don't discount St. Marylebone (state) School! Only a proportion of their intake (about 60%) is based on faith/church attendance, and apart from a few music and performing arts places, the rest of the intake is based on how close you live to the school. If you live in Marylebone you would have an excellent chance. There are open days coming up soon - check out their website. Also, the receptionist can be very helpful.

Good luck.

tricot39 Wed 09-Sep-15 19:52:12

I think the schools you have mentioned are independents. Only a special/ancient few can call themselves 'public'. Good luck

BlahSchoolsBlah Fri 11-Sep-15 13:50:32

Tricot - ah, I'm not from the UK so don't fully understand the system. Independent it is.

Cingolimama- we're looking for primary at the moment but would definitely consider St Marylebone for senior school. We have friends with a daughter there and they really rate it.

I hadn't thought of North Bridge, I'll give them a call.

Needanadulttotalkto Wed 28-Oct-15 04:58:11

I have toured Abercorn twice and was not very impressed. The promised number of teaching assistants did not seem to exist and teachers did nothing when one or two kids did not pay attention. Having said that, exit results are good.

There are not many schools in the immediate area. I think you may need to look further afield - St. John's Wood, Hampstead, south Ken?

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