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Beckenham schools

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Feellikerubbish Wed 02-Sep-15 11:55:22

I currently live in East London and have been considering the option of moving for some time now.

I have a boy starting year 3 and girl in nursery.

Can anyone give me more info on good primary and secondary schools in Beckenham? Also what the area and community is like?

I have grown up in East London where the culture is very diverse, what's it like in Beckenham and surroundings?


PettsWoodParadise Wed 02-Sep-15 18:44:07

I live a few miles away but have family in Beckenham. They love the area, but it is quite sprawling and lots of bits to it, Central Beckenham near the High Street is desirable because of location and transport options but not so great for schools. Near Langley Park for Secondary and Balgowan for primary - both hot spots but virtually impossible to get a location that gives access to both. A new free school is opening for Sept 16 and will operate from a temp location initially but final location is still a secret. If I was moving now I'd probably move to catchment for ofsted outstanding Darrick Wood in Orpington which has both primary and secondary schools and also close enough to three grammar catchment areas if children are bright. I love my location of Petts Wood, great transport links to London, good shops and restaurants and great community feel and good junior schools but can be tricky for secondary - many go to grammars or private. Good luck. The borough is a great place to live.

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