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2015/2016 secondary eAdmissions Thread/help

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hornetgirl Tue 01-Sep-15 18:10:19

Hello to everybody out there that is logging into the eAdmissions site today and until the magic date on 2nd March 2016 when we hear where our 11 year olds will be going to secondary school.

Can I ask the first question?

We are in Bromley and only in the catchment for 1 boys secondary school which is not a great school at all. We are trying for the grammar but it is a long shot. All the other Bromley boy's secondary's catchments have not come out to our address in previous years.

I am trying to decide on the order of my application, 1. Grammar (depending on 11+ result), then what? Do I put 4 close by but non-catchment schools then my local school as 6th choice. I can't see the point of putting 6 choices when we only have a chance at 6th choice. And...putting it 6th does that risk DS not getting a school near us at all?

Confused already!!!

SelfRaisingFlour Tue 01-Sep-15 18:55:51

Just put the schools in your true order of preference and make sure you put your catchment school on the form so he will definitely have a school to go to. People can get lucky with further away schools so it's worth a short.

PettsWoodParadise Tue 01-Sep-15 19:01:46

There are two new schools opening in Bromley, Bullers Wood for Boys and Beckenham free school. I think you can apply to these direct, certainly can for the Beckenham one and also have your six choices on the CAF. We will draft everything then only send off when we know results of grammar tests (times three!). Gulp.

swampster Tue 01-Sep-15 19:08:30

If you google 'equal preferance system' it becomes clear (as mud!) Seriously though, I found this explanation very useful.

hornetgirl Tue 01-Sep-15 22:21:04

Yes, I am planning to go to the Bullers Wood open day on Saturday, but I hadn't realised that the Beckenham Academy was so close to opening. It's just scary applying to schools that don't yet exist. I'm reminded of the disaster with the Harris Beckenham Primary last year where it didn't open at the last minute and the children were all squashed into other primary schools.

I'll go to the open day for Beckenham Academy as well, thanks for the tip.

steppemum Tue 01-Sep-15 22:24:34

you must put order of preference. If you get choice 1, fine. If not then the computer automatically makes choice 2 into choice 1.

So if you are not eligible for choices 1-5, then your choice 6 will be treated as choice 1, on an equal footing with people who put that school as number 1.

steppemum Tue 01-Sep-15 22:25:37

we are trying for grammar. Not at all sure dd will get it, we are a super selective area.

If not we do have a reasonable second choice. My only problem is the journey isn't great - too long on a bus.

prh47bridge Wed 02-Sep-15 00:55:00

As others have said there is no risk involved in putting a school at number 6. People who name it as number 1 preference do not get any priority. You should simply put the schools in your genuine order of preference. So from the sounds of it you want to put the grammar as number 1, then up to 4 schools that are a long shot but which you would prefer to the local school and finally the local school.

tiggytape Wed 02-Sep-15 13:26:46

Exactly as prh says. You get allocated the school you said you liked best out of all the ones you qualify for on your list.

If you qualify for all 6 schools you get number 1 from your list.
If you qualify for just number 4 and number 6 you get number 4
If you qualify for only number 6 you get it (even if it was someone else's first choice but they live too far away to qualify so don't get in)

The system is about ensuring everyone only receives one offer.
The only reason they ask you to rank the schools 1st-6th is in the event that you meet the criteria for more than one and they have to decide which ones to decline on your behalf.

Many years ago, they used to let a child receive several offers and then decide which to decline - that doesn't happen anymore. You only get one offer so you are telling the council in advance which ones to accept / decline on your behalf by ranking them in your order of preference.

Even more years ago, schools could give priority to those who placed them as 1st which meant if you didn't list your local school at the top then you took a huge risk that you may not get it if your own 1st choice didn't pan out. That doesn't apply anymore.

hornetgirl Wed 13-Jan-16 15:44:19

Well, bullers wood for boys is not opening after all.
Hoping to get a place at the Beckenham Academy or Harris Crystal Palace.

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