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Reading with pre-schooler

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Strawberrybubblegum Wed 19-Aug-15 20:28:31

I'm looking for advice on reading to my 2.5 year old. Sorry, these are really basic questions! In order not to drip feed, DD was a late talker - but when I found out how to help her, she came on in leaps and bounds and she now speaks well. So I'm aware that my 'natural' way of doing things doesn't always work, and I want to make sure I do the right things for her.

DD has always enjoyed bedtime stories, but until very recently wasn't ever willing to look at books at other times. She has become more interested recently, and also likes slightly more complex books than before - although still simpler than other children her age seem to enjoy (I'm obviously happy for her to go at her own pace - but it flags to me that this needs attention) .

Is there anything I could or should be doing to encourage her love of books?

Things I worry we might be doing wrong:
1. Do you restrict number of bedtime stories? We do 2 (occasionally 3) although she always wants more. I've assumed that's bedtime stalling, and that we should keep to our routine, but it's occurred to me recently that maybe that isn't very encouraging! As I say, until recently she's always refused stories at other times of the day. Now we sometimes read stories in bed in the morning, and the occasional one in the daytime too (in the daytime I keep reading until she loses interest). Would you stick to the strict number at bedtime?

2. I know you're meant to talk to them about what you're reading - but how much should I do this? DD tends to get quite obsessed with a book, so we'll read it over and over again for a month or two until the obsession suddenly disappears. I usually explain things the first couple of readings, and then just read the story. Do you continue to explain and talk about things on the nth reading? And do you explain the same things, or try to vary it?

3. Do you go with the flow with DCs obsessions? I do alternate reading the book of the moment with ones that I choose (which she is fine with) but I still get a bit fed up of the favourite book after a while, and I suspect that comes across when I try (and fail) to hide the book

4. I know it's meant to be important for them to see you reading. DH and I both love reading, but it's usually after she goes to bed, and even then often on Kindle. How important is this, and should we try to change it?

Thanks for any advice, and for reading such a long post!

catkind Thu 20-Aug-15 12:58:49

Here's how we do it. Mostly I'd just follow DC's interest though, which it sounds like you're doing.

1. - Not a fixed number, if they come to bed early they can have more stories. If it's late I'll do 1 or 2 stories/chapters but no more. (My two are now 3.5 and 6.) I let them read/look at more books after I've finished reading if they want to.
2. - Similar to you, we tend to talk about it more the first time or two. Might talk about different aspects if notice them as I go along, not the same ones unless DC ask the same questions. With the obsession books we tend to get into role playing the characters and stuff, and the stories come into conversation at other times of day. (Oh, are you being a penguin DD? What is it Lola says?)
3. - Kids choose bedtime stories, but if I'm really bored with the obsession I might suggest something else first. Or hand over to DH; we've both had particular stories we can't stand but the other one can tolerate.
4. - There'll probably naturally be times. Reading a guidebook when you go to visit somewhere; reading a newspaper or magazine or a recipe; when you have a really good book on the go and sneak a read in the day.

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