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Good luck to Year Six this week

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popsycal Sun 09-May-04 16:24:12

SATs week!
Good luck - it is never as bad as the weeks building up to SATs!

Mrs Popsycal

PS Jampot - level 6?!?!?!? PMSL!!

Lisa78 Sun 09-May-04 16:30:00

Not got anyone doing SATs this year
But lots of luck to all those who have - kids and exams, ugh!

carla Sun 09-May-04 16:52:01

Oooooh, yes, we've just got back from a christening party where best friend's nephew was really worried about next week. It's not something I've ever appreciated as my dds haven't got to that stage yet, but he genuinely seemed very stressed.

mummysurfer Sun 09-May-04 17:56:01

yes, i'm reading/translating(?) for a Y6 boy this week.
bit of a messy week but good luck to all those with dds/dss in Y6

Hulababy Sun 09-May-04 18:42:16

Can I add my good luck too

Also, some of the GCSE start this week and next - so good luck to them too

And belated good luck to those who had Y9's doing their SATs last week!

roisin Sun 09-May-04 18:45:10

... and good luck to all those yr6 teachers coping with all those stressed-out kids!

tigermoth Sun 09-May-04 21:33:01

Good luck all those year 6s and their parents -and their teachers. Hope you all get a good night's sleep tonight.

mummysurfer Mon 10-May-04 10:46:50

well, one down - what did you think Popsycal?
design your own experiment never goes down very well with my charge - EAL

dogwalker Mon 10-May-04 16:09:09

Hi all. My eldest son doing his SATs this week. He's been quite anxious all weekend and woke up with tummy-ache. However, he came out of school saying it wasn't too bad, science paper A was harder than science paper B. He doesn't think he did very week in A and that designing an experiment was the hardest bit.! We've been trying to keep him calm and are just hoping he gets his level 4's. (he's been on track to get level 4's, teacher said maybe level 5 in science but after ds's comments today I'm not sure). Oh well, only 4 more days to go.

dogwalker Mon 10-May-04 16:09:49

that should say "well in A". sorry.

jampot Mon 10-May-04 16:10:51

Good luck everyone's kids and their teachers!!!!!

mummysurfer Mon 10-May-04 16:19:37

yes -this afternoon's paper was very fair.

dogwalker Mon 10-May-04 16:20:41

mummysurfer are you a yr 6 teacher then ?

mummysurfer Mon 10-May-04 16:24:56

i am a teacher, but not of a Y6 class -i teach children who have recently arrived in the UK - 3 are Y6 but only one is able to access the SATS in English, I am allowed to support him.

dogwalker Mon 10-May-04 16:49:53

so MS you can tell us exactly what is in the tests when our children say "dunno" when we ask then what the questions were like!

mummysurfer Mon 10-May-04 17:04:43

cor, now then let's see what I remember (hope no one is doing them tomorrow)...easy stuff included 6 pictures of a female at various stages of her life 'put them in order beginning with the youngest', they were pretty obvious.
experiment re; dissolving sugar and in water.they were asked about the variants, what did they need to alter to make the test a success (the temperature) what had to stay the same ( the ammount of water). magnetism - train with magnets on front and bag, 'how could it pull the carriage?' if the carriage/truck was turned around the truck would move the engine awa. why?
on which surface would the engine and truck be able to pull most weight
a) carpet
b) gravel path
c) floorboards
d) fluffy mat


Galaxy Mon 10-May-04 17:30:02

message withdrawn

mummysurfer Mon 10-May-04 17:38:50

if they need extra time this has to be applied for some weeks ago, they are then allowed an extra 25%, in this case 11.25 mins.

Galaxy Mon 10-May-04 17:55:25

message withdrawn

dogwalker Mon 10-May-04 18:35:09

Thanks mummy surfer it's nice to know what was in the tests.

dogwalker Mon 10-May-04 18:51:12

Writing and spelling tests tomorrow, can you give us some info then?

mummysurfer Mon 10-May-04 18:55:16

I have no idea what they will be - the tests aren't opened until everyone is there, ready and waiting. the seals are broken in front of all administering staff and children.
spelling - it isn't like we used to do - pupils have a passage in front of them with words missing, teacher reads passage including omitted words, pupil writes in the words, hopefully spelling them correctly.

dogwalker Mon 10-May-04 19:03:11

Oh God yes I didn't mean can you give us info now . . but perhaps tomorrow evening we can ask you what was in there as I'm sure my ds won't be able to "remember".

mummysurfer Mon 10-May-04 19:05:20

no problem dw - i'll try and remember a bit more too

dogwalker Mon 10-May-04 19:07:09

cheers mummysurfer will "speak" to you tomorrow then. don't worry if you can't remember anything I'm just being a bit nosey really and I know it's not really that important.

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