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LEA want to close my DS school - anyone fought closure?

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Eve Sat 08-May-04 21:00:00

DS is in reception at a great (5* Ofstead) infant school, but due to falling numbers the LEA have announced a parent consultation with a view to closing the school and moving all children to a number of other shcools (that are not quite so local)

The parents are obviously fighting this and are very upest about it...has anyone any experience of fighting closure threats. All ideas welcome.

suedonim Sat 08-May-04 23:44:33

Our village fought off closure of its school a couple of years ago. Your best bet is to contact the National Association of Small Schools . They can supply you with lots of ideas for campaigning and arguing your case. Good luck, I hope you win!

misdee Sun 09-May-04 07:26:30

this doesnt affect my dd chosen school, but it is proposed in hatfield, herts that at least 2 more primaries are closed. we recently lost 2 schools, which have merged into one, and one other has been relocated (due to open in jan i believe in the salisbury village area, howe dell). This is also due to, i belive, falling numbers. however the town is being expanded hugely, and more children will be living in the area. we are going to be in sad situation here in a few years where the classes will be huge and the teachers will be over stretched and unabale to maintain standards in any of the primaries. I know parents of the 2 primaries which are due to merge shortly fought a good hard battle but unfortunatly lost. It makes me sad that our kids futures are being put at risk due to looking at the picture short term.
We lost a large secondry school a few years back, the site was sold off to build houses on. now the kids in that aprt of town have to travel around 20mins to get to a school, before we has a secondry within a short distance of everyone. the teaching standards at the secondry wasnt all that great, but it was the best equipped school in the area. we knew we were fighting a losing battle to keep that school open as the site it was on was worth more than any other in the area.

best of luck with your fight.

Eve Tue 25-May-04 16:27:55

Thanks for that web link we have contacted them and they are helping.

The sad thing is that my sons schools will close (infants & juniors) by the parents are campaigning for a new primary school. It is a lovely many schools can you go into and the head can tell you that your son ate all his lunch and was given a sticker for having a clean plate!

An on-line petition has been set up on (sorry can't do links) could as many of you sign as possible please.

...and maybe all those who have difficulty getting into a good shcool, move to my sons and it won't have to close.

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